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Date: March 27th 1944

England, 27 Mar 44

Dear Jean:

We are still very busy, and it is now almost 11, have been working all evening on a rather serious problem in connection with the work, and at the moment, I feel pretty good about it, because it looks as tho we have it taped, and if so it will be a distinct advance, and there will be that much more satisfaction in the answers we are having to give. My solution remains to be confirmed by general application, but the preliminary trials are very satisfactory. It has been a knotty problem, which I've spent every spare moment on for the last two weeks, There are many interruptions of course, and the evenings are best for concentrating.

Again I was disappointed by the non-arrival of your letter today, but at any rate yours of the 12th came on Thursday. The mail doesn't seem to come so quickly here as it did in London. Your party to the theatre with the Swannells sounds like a real spree. Glad you enjoyed it. Am so glad to hear that Frank has much interesting prospects for the summer. I envy him. He should have the book I sent him on London by now. Haven't had any time lately for snooping around the book stores, nor in fact time even to read, more than about 10 minutes after getting into bed. I seldom have any trouble getting to sleep.

How lovely it would be to be with you and Mary in Victoria now. We have had some lovely bright days lately, which lead to vagrant thoughts, and make it harder to concentrate on the job. Will be contriving to get some sun-bathing in, although we are so much busier than ever before, that it is hard to take advantage of the weather.
Had a nice break over the week-end, got away from here about 3:30 Sat afternoon, and biked over to Morris's, stayed all night till after lunch Sunday, then rode back. It takes just about an hour, peddling along smartly. Mrs M had just received your letter about Oliver Wiswell, and was very pleased, it was a very good letter I guess I have a pretty clever wife, as well as a good looking one, I hope my book of Nehru's reaches you safely, you would enjoy just reading odd bits of it occasionally, you will find the margins all marked up, it is only an exceptionally fine book that is worth doing that to. Anyway I scored some of the bits which interested me especially, and of course not just the ideas I agreed with.

Had some fun outdoors at Shoelands, burnt up some old leaves and rubbish from the garden, trimmed a large pine tree of the dead limbs, they make excellent kindling, being solid pitch at the but. Pine has such a lovely fragrance, when the cut is fresh. Also found another tree, dead, but on the next lot. It is vacant, so Ecila is going to try to get permission from the agent to cut it down. It will be an added attraction for as if she can make a satisfactory deal.

Haven't heard from Bill Hall but Bert Hayward phoned to say that he had got away to Blackpool alright, and that he was getting quite spry before he left the Haywards. He was to phone me as soon as he got back from the North, I must remember to phone the hospital tomorrow to see when he is expected. Am planning to mend "Mily" home with Bill, you will find out who "Mily" is then.

Well dear, I'd better get to bed, LOVE to my two best GIRLS


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