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Date: March 21st 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England

21 March 45

Dear Jean:

Your letter of the 11th did not come until today, but all the more welcome. You all seem to be having a good ration of colds. Makes me feel quite superior, (touch wood), for have got by this winter so far without one. Poor Mary seems to have had more than her share. Lets hope the warm days ahead will put an end to them. I liked her horse and crocuses in the green field. Will get a card off to her tonight. While I think of it, sent off a parcel to you today, some very nice linen doilies (?) from Ecila, and a book I bought some time ago about the Spaniards conquest of the Incas in Peru, by Techiffley, I thought it most interesting, not very nice wartime paper, Frank Swannell might like to read it. Also, Mrs Morris has been fretting for a long time wanted to make a contribution to your china dinner set, of course cant buy anything here. Anyway got me cornered the other day, and insisted it had nothing to do with me, a direct gift from her to you, I'm just the go-between, anyway forced me to accept £5 on your behalf. Will include this in my next remittance, so you can thank her anytime. Its really something what the old lady thinks of you, you are certainly at the top of the list, Really think we shall have to do something about it, either you and Mary will have to come over here, or we will have to get her over there. If I should be delayed her for any time after German hostilities end, we should get you and Mary over by hook or by crook. I know you would love it, and Mary would get a lot out of it too, even at her present age. It would be rather novel to have our second honeymoon in the little old lady England. You might make some enquiries at your end, and I'll see what I can find out here.
Col Meuser is over by air for a couple of days and comes out to see me tomorrow. On the phone he seemed full of rather interesting possibilities, but he's rather changeable, like the English weather. However, something may be cooking. At the same time there seems to be some hitches in another possibility I was trying to line up. Everything is very indefinite. But will try to keep you posted, in general terms of course.

Was interested and delighted in what you say about Bobby. No wonder she thinks a lot of you. I can quite imagine that you have been to her something very stimulating and now, and fine. And dear, how much more you are to me, more than words can tell, dear, and we don't need words do we. I agree we need each other badly, to be close to you, and to see you, and to love you. We must contrive some way of being together soon. Hope I shall not be disappointed tomorrow.

So glad old Mac has at last got a break. The FB is getting some black eyes arent they. We will miss them in Victoria. Give him my congratulations, and I hope he will be on the up and up in the new job. You don't mention anything about Bill hall. Guess you've seen little of him. Am wondering if he is beginning to change his mind about coming back over here. Everybody asks me "Is Bill coming back?".
What you say about Harold Garman is interesting and I'm glad he has got so much out of MY book on pastels. You've made me quite jealous and when I get back youll see your husband enveloped in clouds of colored pastel dust, with Mary cheering from the sidelines.

Axel got away last week, think he wound up with a bit of a spree in London the last night. We had a lovely dinner at Morrises, he took a bottle of champagne he brought from the continent. The Morrises were awfully nice to him too, and he really enjoyed the whole show. Mrs M, good old soul, has written to Mrs Kinnear.

Have entered into a rather encouraging arrangement with the Williamson Co, who made the cameras. Decided to approach them about my plotter, as they are getting started with post war plans now, and have some time to start developments. Colin W. the president, and his London manager came down here for lunch last Friday, and looked at my rough mock up which I had done a little work on in the evenings, mostly winter before last, up in London. Since have had no time to do more. Mr Williamson was quite impressed, and says it is the first time he has been able to see stereoscopically in any of these plotters. Anyway they have offered to finish work on the mock up to get it into working form, give it some tests, and then decide either to turn the whole thing back to me, without further obligation on either side, or to go into production or a commercial product, and market it, first refining the design, when we shall know more what we want. They agree with my policy of aiming to make a simple and low priced plotter out of it. And sell a lot of them. Took the bits and pieces up today, and had another session there at their Reading factory, with Colin, and his brother Stuart who is their design "brains". Looks as tho they mean business, and they have my confidence, and I seem to have theirs. So far it is purely a gentleman's agreement, but at this stage that is all I can expect, and there seems to be a nice congenial atmosphere about the whole transaction. I am under no obligation to the army, who have done absolutely nothing to help me develop it, nor have they given me time to work at it myself, although I have formally offered it to them 3 times since Oct 39. Am not expecting any riches out of it, but think it will help out long run. Keep your fingers crossed.


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