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Date: March 13th 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England.

13 Mar 45

Dear Jean:

Yours of the third and one from Bill came yesterday. Was in town again, and it was nice to have your letter when I got back. Another meeting with my British friends, and still no definite answer. Am getting a bit tired of them, not the ones here, who have been very responsive, but the ones farther away, who unfortunately have the final say. To try to promote anything by long distance is a bit hopeless.

Would like to see your garden now. It will be very lovely, and Victoria is just coming to her best at this time of the year. Am glad I have a wife who likes to get out into the garden and stir up things, even if she does wear her ladder stockings for the occasion. Sorry you were surprised by the Silvertz, but it really doesn't matter, and they understood no doubt. Here in our garden the daffodils are beginning to blossom, one of the trees is also beginning, must be a Japanese plum of one of those very early kind, also notice a greeny tinge on some of the other trees, Spring is definitely here. Weather has been better too today was perfect. Not a cloud, lovely and warm, I even lay out in the sun with my shirt off for half an hour after lunch.

Axel arrived Sat morning, and I had arranged to go down to Hayward for the week end. Phoned Bert, and he said to bring Axel along, so we both had a swell week end there. Weather was dry, although a bit dull, put down one more tree, and did some digging for Mrs H in the garden, which is her special department. Bert isn't very good on the gardening end. It was just what Axel needed to break the continuity of his work with the army on the continent. First night we shared the same room, but in twin beds, and I noticed he talked in his sleep nearly all night about the work, second night he was quiet. They work under quite a nervous strain, and of course Ax takes the work so conscientiously. He is staying with us here, and seem sot be quite enjoying it all. Tomorrow he and I go to Morrises for dinner. They are very fond of Axel. He is now a G3, which means he gets a major's pay, and he deserves it.
Bob Richards cycled over for supper tonight, but left in time to get most of the way back before dark. He is certainly full of energy, it is about a 30 mile round trip. He is off on a course in the next few days, which will keep him pretty busy for a while. Says everything is OK at home, and that Betty is alone with her family. He had a sweet picture of Norry. She must be a dear child.

Have been trying to think of a good farm for you to go to this summer. First one that came to my mind was Coldwells at Jesmond. It is a lovely bracing climate, and they are up at about 3000 feet, with the mountains in behind, why not write Mrs C to find out if we could have you, and the best time. The days there should be warm and sunny, and the nights cold. End of May of latter part of June might be the best time, or August. July is often uncertain in the interior, sometimes showery. If you felt like going as far as Leilas, June & July would be best I think. Mulholland might know of other places in the Okanagan of in the Kootenays. I have a very good friend, Jack Aye at Baynes Lake, he has a ranch there, his wife is an old friend of Joyce Swannell I'll be they would be glad to have my wife and daughter, and you both would love Jack. He is a real Irishman. Baynes Lake is in the Upper Kootenay district, near Cranbrook. We didn't get quite that far over on our honeymoon. I shouldn't worry about keeping Mary home from school, in fact at her age, school is far less important than her health and happiness. In Mary's case however, the mixing with other children is the important thing. Now that winter is over, perhaps she will not have so many colds.

Had another letter from Kate Haggman today. She is still a bit dazed about things, but will get straightened out. Her religion is a big help to her now. I think it would be fine to help Kay, and you probably can figure the best and most helpful way to do it. We could give her a bit of money in two or three chunks, or perhaps a more modest allowance each month till she graduates would be best. Whatever you decide is OK with me. Glad you sent Kate the $50. It will come in mighty handy to her just now.

Bill seems to be busy, but has his eyes open, judging from his letter. If he is still there, tell him I got his of the 5th. We are wondering here if he really will come back. I think he is crazy if he does. Also from what everybody says, Germany will definitely NOT be a nice place to live or work after this show is over.

A lovely parcel came today from you. Contents included 2 lbs of plug tobacco, which is very welcome. Also the Bran flakes are very acceptable. They are much nicer than the cereal in the rations, and sometimes the boys don't make too good a job with the porridge. Occasionally the bran flakes make a nice desrt when I get in for a late meal.

Axel and I are off for an interesting trip by car tomorrow, a business trip. If the weather is like today, it will be lovely, it is through a pretty part of the Thames valley.

I don't think the Germans can hold out much longer. Heavy bombers drone overhead almost continually, day and night.
LOVE to you BOTH


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