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Date: April 3rd 1945

Themesville, April 3/45

Dear Lieut. Brock:

I received your most welcome letter and I'm not going to even try to express my gratitude to you for your great kindness, but rather I will first say "thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart".

You see, Mike's folks do not write nor read English, so I felt that I might be able to learn something of Mike to comfort them by writing to Cpl. Fontain. - and you certainly didn't let me down.

I received your letter in the morning mail and the letter from Sgt. Fontain in the evening mail of the same day. It was wonderful of you answering my letter in detail. It has been a comfort to me and to Mike's family and friends to know there "yet is a chance".

I was very sorry to hear that Cpl. Fontain was taken a P. of W. and pray that he is being treated well.

As soon as I read your letter I went out to try and rent a car to take the message to the Kish family - They live about six miles out of town. To my amusement I met Mr. Kish on the street and I read your letter to him. He didn't need to speak his gratitude, I could see it in his eyes. Mr Kish took your letter home and a neighbor read it to Mike's family in their own language. Since then Mrs. Kish has asked if she could keep your letter; she treasures it, and wants it with Mike's things.

I have been unable as yet to go to the Kish home but I hope I will be able to go next Sunday. They are very fine people and were proud of their son. I can speak for them - they are certainly deeply grateful to you and Sgt. Fontain. Mr. Kish repeated as I read Sgt. Fontain's letter, "They tried to protect Mike from the enemy, when he was wounded".

The news from over there is encouraging. The "Jerries" are certainly resisting stubbornly but we pray the end of this terrible war is near. I suppose the "mud situation" in Italy is greatly improved. We have had a grand spring after our snowy winter. We had a lovely Easter week-end and I spent my holiday in Detroit and Pontiac Mich.

I understand that some of our boys from Italy have moved to Belgium. I am wondering if the 48th Highlanders were among those who went. The mail from Italy had been very slow so I guess that was the reason. I work in the Post Office and see all the happy faces when "the mail from overseas is in".

-Space is used up, I guess but before I say adios, may I say, Lieut Ted. Brock, thank you so much again, - good luck to you and your men, - God Bless you all."

Jean B.

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