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Date: June 27th 1943

No 173

Major GS Andrews, RCE

10 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec

HQ First Cdn Army Overseas

27 June 43

Dear Jean:

Another busy week, and not enough time to get all the things done I should, or would. In certain respect it was a very important week. I had a very satisfactory session with the General (McN) who made a pretty thorough review of my work, and I'm glad to say, backed me up in all the controversial points. I think it adds meat to a job when there are some aspects of it that lend themselves to difference of opinion. It keeps a gellow from getting in a rut, and keeps him on his toes.
In one phase of my work, I have some dealings with a Dr Shomasome, who is the chief scientific liaison officer for the National Research Council of Canada in London. One evening last week he invited me in to have dinner with him at his club, a very interesting old club, and I believe quite an historical one, Kipling, and several other notables were habitors in days gone by. One unique thing there is that dinner is served punctually at 7:30 pm, and all the members sit down at one large long table, instead of splitting up into exclusive little groups at different tables. It was very friendly, and the members all looked as though they each had some interesting distinction.

I was up to town again last night to a very different kind of a dinner party, some very wealthy friends of friends of mine sort of thing, who had a dinner party at Claridges, a comparatively highbrow hotel. Between you and me, it was a bit common, and I'd much rather have had a quiet supper at Shoelands with the Morris's. However, it is all experience. The sequel was that we missed the last train out of town, and I had to stay overnight, and catch the train home first thing this morning. Fortunately, I have a very good retreat where I can always get a clean bed and a decent one too, and good meals. It is London House, a club for overseas students in peace time, connected with London University. In war they make officers from the dominions and colonies honorary members. During the blitz, a bomb wiped out one wing of dormitories, so they have coverted the squash courts and billiard room into dormitories.

Your airgraph of the 13th arrived in the usual 11 days on the 24th. I love to get your notes on Mary. How thankful I am that both you and she have escaped the awful frightfulness that the war has brought to so many. As you remark, what will be the effect, the after effect, physiological, psychological, and spiritual. It will be felt many long years after the war is over. Gertrudes letter telling about Leila's visit to Yorkton arrived and I did enjoy it. What a wonderful little woman Leila is, and how proud she must be of her boys. The end already.



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