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Date: June 4th 1941

No. 65.

Lieut. GS Andrews, RCE.

Intelligence Branch,

H.Q. Canadian Corps,

Canadian Army Overseas.

England, 4 June, 1941.

Dearest Jean:

I am a bit late with my letter, been snowed under with things, some work, and some not work. Your letter of 4 May came Sunday morning, with rejoicing. Thank ME for her remarks and her love, and tell her that her Poppy will try to get time to write her a letter all her own. Since writing last, a 2-lb tin of Dixie arrived so now I am in clover as far as smokes go. Thanks. A letter from Mickey Trew also arrived, which was welcome. Will try to answer it one of these days.

I sent you a cable about 10 days ago to ask you to cable re your operation, but so far have not had any work. If a reply does not come in a day or two, will cable again. I am anxious about you dear, its only natural. Hope by the time this reaches you, you will be fully recovered, and getting settled in the house for the summer.

It is wonderful to hear about our Mary. The pictures are just right. Your letters have been a wonderful serial on ME's growth and development. It's made up a lot for having to be away from you both.
Am glad you mother is comfortably settled in her new home. It sounds just the thing for her. Give her my very best when you write.

Axel Kinnear got in touch by phone the other day, so I happened to be not far from his location on some other business, and called on him, and arranged for him to come up here for the week end. He phoned from the station in the village, Saturday, so I went in to bring him out here, as its a bit hard to find. Morris's put him up for the night, and it was a great treat for him to have one night in a real home, clean sheets, soft bed, hot bath, and all the comforts. We had a real good visit, and had our meals at a little country pub. Managed to get him a lift Sunday afternoon pat way back, He is a fine chap, and I am very proud of him, The army is quite a test for anybody, and Axel has come out with colors flying. I hope he will get a break, because he certainly has all the other things. The Morris's liked him very much, and want him to come up again. Next time you are passing, drop in and tell his mother that I have seen him, and give her and Mr. K my best regards and tell them they have a son to be proud of, and a real soldier.

After leaving Ax, I went to a show with Lorne and Dick Farrow, "Swannee River", which was a nice change, and pretty color. Stayed Sunday night at their mess, and drove back to HQ with Col. Carrie next morning, being 20 minutes late, and as it would be, the General had to wait. Lorne seems to be interested in life, he is Regimental Messing Officer. Good experience, but don't think he would want it to last too long. Still haven't been able to see Arthur or George A.

We have had over two weeks of putrid weather, cold, foggy and wet, however, today it was warm, so perhaps summer is starting at last. England is a beautiful place now, so often I think how you would love to see many of the scenes which I pass by the dozens in the course of my days work. England is a land of beautiful trees, Yes, it would be grand if you and Mary could come over here after the shemozzle is over. The bombing has practically no apparent effect in the countryside, it is only in the cities, which are for the most part ugly anyway, that destruction is noticeable.

Pte. Basso's garden is coming along in fine style, he says that he can practically hear the stuff growing today. They put on quite a show the other day, newsreel people down to shoot, close ups of Basso chatting with the Corps Commander, brass hats galore, some of them planting corn, etc. This should be released in Canada and the U.S. soon. I gave him moral support for his show, but was not among those "also photographed".

Have been too busy to do any shopping for the house. That takes time and the work has been flooding in in a great tide lately, for me. That's the way I like it though. I got Geoff, Playfair's address from Axel, and will drop him a note, would like to get in touch with him.
When you get around to it, get some pictures of the house, Perhaps Dave would do it for you, with a couple of interiors. Don't forget to tell him that I met his sister Ruth, and his dear old Aunt. They want me to go for dinner some Sunday, when I can get away.

My friend Charlie Soutar has gone back to Canada, and may possibly go to the coast to see his wife in Seattle, I think I gave him your address, so if he should include Victoria in his tour, he may call on you. I think you will like him.

Basso has just made a cup of coffee from the Nestles you sent, we have a small toaster in the office, which serves for concocting the odd gastric sortie. We are keeping the coffee for the inner cabinet, who come down at night. "Much too good for the common classes".

Well dear, I'm going to try to rattle off a couple of other short notes [cut off] home to bed. LOVE to you both.

As ever,


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