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Date: June 2nd 1940

c/o Chief Postal Censor



2nd June, 1940

Dearest Jean:

Another Sunday - and it has been a busy one - I have been made Mess Secretary - that means running all the accounts & affairs of the officer's mess at this fort - and it is a bit of a headache getting on to their systems - and of course I have all the accounts to get out & the books to straighten for the end of the month. Our mess is growing too - and with officers coming in & growing too - and with officers coming in & going out its hard to keep track of them. It is interesting through - and gives me a bit of responsibility, which I have rather missed since joining the army. One thing, I shall be forced to master the English money system. Its awkwardness is appalling when it comes to account - 12 pence = 1 shilling 20 shillings = 1 pound - it means 3 separate columns for every amount - I'm convinced that 30% of the energy of the British people is spent on just such awkward methods & ways of living - their cost is not 100# but 112#. The measure smaller weights by stones - 1 stone is 14#. Their plumbing and heating arrangements are just as awkward and wasteful of both material & labour -

I forgot to tell you that I went to the Army dentist and had that bad old tooth pulled out - and it was pretty bad too - must have been poisoning my system for a long time. My teeth now are all in good shape.
Had a letter from Nora a couple of days ago, and have been looking for one from you but it hasn't shown up yet - no letter from you for over 2 weeks now - however no doubt several will come together. I am wondering if you have gone back to Victoria, or if you have decided to stay in Auburn for a longer visit. I hope you haven't been working too hard, and the weather hasn't been too hot for you & Mary.

Today is Mothers birthday - she was born in Detroit Michigan 2nd June 1872, and was taken as an infant to Windsor, Ontario, and later to Winnipeg.

I will be sending you some money in a day or two, I think it will be about 18 pounds - that will be between $75.00 and 80.00 in Canadian but less in U.S. funds.

I am keeping about 3 pounds here for emergencies during the coming month. I am sorry that is all I can send - but its worth the sacrifice if we can win this war - and win it we must.

I am orderly officer tonight, so have some duties to perform - and will close - Nora wanted your address - Hers is

Mrs John M. Sloane

426 Waliner Road

Toronto, Ont.

I hope a letter will come soon, much love to my best girl & my little daughter

As ever -


Am sending your money to the Bank of Nova Scotia, Victoria to our account.

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