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Date: July 20th 1942

Dear Jean:

Here it is Monday night again. Yesterday it was impossible. We had a mess party Saturday night, and I had to stay up till the bar closed, about 3:30 am, and as Dick Farrow and Jack Benton both were my guests, and stayed the rest of the night, till, well Dick left on the 9:50 pm train, and I had a few little jobs to clean up after that, Today has been busy too, and I have just come back from some official business, which took till after ten. However, it is better to be busy, even if things do crowd too close together sometimes, It was more or less a stag party for us three, as none brought a lady, however we enjoyed the evening chin-wagging and pushing back a few drinks. Had invited Ecila, but she is in bed with a bad knee, tore some ligaments when she upset on her scooter bike a week ago. It was pretty painful, but what bothers hermost is having to lie still in bed. Normally she does a lot of things in the way of war work, in addition to running her mothers house, and managing the affairs of a wealthy bed ridden aunt who has a large house about ten miles away. Jack phoned from London Sat morning, on a week end leave, to know if he could come down for the night. I think he is steered in the direction of the kind of work he wants, and is busy now with rather a stiff course. He seems much more hopeful and interested, so heres hoping he will land the right job.

Your airgraph of 5 July arrived on Saturday. Will be looking forward to hearing about Mary's birthday. She will be delighted with her doll buggy. I suppose there was a cake and three candles. What fun and excitement. She will really appreciate what a big event her birthday is now. I can imagine Betty Ann, and am glad that Mary likes her. It will be interesting to see all these children when I come back.

The past week was a busy one, I kept the pot boiling while the Col was on leave. Nothing very difficult transpired, but it kept me on the spot pretty steadily. He came back last night, looking very fit and brown. Spent the whole week at the seaside, and did some swimming.

Yesterday Dick and Jack and I walked down to a little Inn for lunch, where I have frequently been before, and have mentioned too The lunch was excellent. It was only the legal three courses, but very good, well cooked and a nice change from the mess. The latter is better now, we have quite a good little fellow cooking, and the staff getting better trained and organized. This is my third month as wine member and I think I wont mind turning it over to someone else. However, it has been quite an education, and I have been fortunate in having good chaps as stewards. My own batman, Alf, has been away for just about a month, in hospital, but I am hoping to have him back in a few days. He's too good a man to lose.

I notice that Chas Chaplin in the Gold Rush (revived) is on at a cinema in town, so think I will try to get up to see it. Missed it when it mad the rounds some years ago. Think I was up in the North at that time. I think I would enjoy that now.

Haywards want me to go down there for my leave at the end of the month. They are having some redecorating done in the house which should be finished by then. Am going to try to make it. They always enquire after Mr Hall. Haven't heard from Bill since last Xmas. If you see Mr. H give him the best from Haywards and me, and see if he has any news of Bill. Think it will be one of the best leaves yet, if I can get away.

Your birthday will be pretty close when this reaches you. Would like to send you something from here, but as usual, haven't been able to do any shopping yet, and now it will be too late to make it in time. Perhaps your next birthday we can celebrate together.

That's all for now dear,



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