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Date: July 19th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

Canadian Army England, 19 July 44

Dear Jean:

Yours of the 9th arrived yesterday, and a parcel today, with some wonderful cookies in it, Klim, soup, lemon powder, etc. Hope there will be some tobacco soon, my supply is just about finished. It would be a good idea if you sent enough Dixie to build up a reserve I like to have at least one can of it ahead, for if we should be moved off suddenly, it might take a month or more before mail catches up, especially parcels.

Glad Mary's letter got there in time for her birthday. Had tho't of trying to draw some pictures in it, but am out of practice, am looking forward to hearing all about her birthday party, and hope you were able to go for the horse drive. I guess in some respects, we have a problem child, it may be the Harris strain, that is Mother's people. She is likely high strung, and it will take all our wisdom and patience to do the right thing. I wish we could get home soon, and then we could talk it over, and I could help you with some of the responsibility of being firm with her. Its pretty hard, and not always too effective either when one of the parents has to do all the correcting. Mary is probably a lot like her Pop, I was shy, and a bit thin skinned, but of course there were so many other children in the house, that nobody made much fuss. I remember one occasion deciding to leave home, Mother had offended me by calling me something I considered uncomplimentary, no doubt well deserved, so she quietly let me pack up my little bag, the girls balled and crowded the front door as I hard heartedly pushed my way out, However before DARK I had decided that could put up with minor injustices, especially as the food at home was good, and of course I did love my Mother. Its one of my earliest memories, guess I was about 5. Mother must have laughed about it.

Last night I didn't get a chance to write letters, we had a snow storm of visitors. Dick Nickson, Alan Dixon, two old pals of Bills came for supper, then later Captain Basso and finally Capt Johson, the dentist at a nearby unit where we get services of that nature. I thought the dentist especially would never go home, and was fagged right out when we finally got off to bed. Today the young American Lieut Rechard who was here before arrived, and hopes to stay with us a couple of days this time. He is a fine wholesome lad, and think he would be interesting to know better. He has brought out some interesting stuff which has a bearing on my work, so we should have a useful as well as enjoyable time. A British Lieut has also been with us for a while, also a nice lad, he is helping us out with some new work, Bill Hall too, he's been getting into the swing of things, and does quite a respectable day's work. So we have quite a family. It with other things has meant quite a few interruptions in the work I try to do myself, so I've had very little spare time. However, did manage to get over to Morris's, in time for Supper Sat, and stayed till Sunday evening. Hadn't been over there for quite a while to do any chores, and found all sorts of things needing attention. Made a new nursery coop for a mother hen and 6 brand enw baby chicks, Mary would love them. Also started on putting up a rustic shelter for their wood pile. Didn't get that finished, but its going to be quite nice and useful if I can find enough material to complete it. Found a dry pine tree on the next lot, which I split into long rails for the main framework. Am quite pleased with it so far. If I just had a few good red cedar shingles from BC, it would be simple. Must try to get over next Sat or Sun, and get it completed. Bert Hammond got over there on Sunday. He is now a Major, taken command of Lyle Trorey's coy, and Lyle has my old job at the Survey directorate. Bill and I may go over there for lunch tomorrow. Bill is to give a lecture.

Bert Hayward's factory in London apparently had some damage from the doodle bugs, it happened on a sat afternoon, and all the people were away, understand nobody hurt at all. Havent seen bert and imagine he has been pretty busy, getting the mess straightened out. Bill went down there for the week end.

The weather has been slightly better lately, but the sun does have an up hill job trying to shine. Were all losing any sun tan we managed to get two months ago. Hope you are able to make the trip to Mill Bay with Minnie. Will be very interested to get your own impressions of Berts property. Are the Pollards doing anything with their ground at Deep Cove? Would like to know what Frank Swannell thinks of Berts property too, after seeing it.

Well dear, its late, and all the house are fast asleep. Guess I'd better follow suit.

Heaps of LOVE to you BOTH,


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