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Date: July 3rd 1944

30 Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England, 3 July 44

Dear Jean:

Have been up in town all day, getting back for a late supper. It is one nice feature of messing on our own, I'm always sure of something to eat when I'm late back, when we were attached to a large parent unit for messing, you either had your meals on time, or you didn't have them at all. Made a personal call on General Montague, the senior officer in London, to explain to him just what our section is doing, and why certain special arrangements were made. Its just as well to keep the top man informed, otherwise he is liable to get a distorted picture of your set up, or no picture at all, which is not so good if they have to make snap decisions which affect the unit. Spent the rest of the day with the US Army people who are interested in the same work as we. They are a fine lot of chaps, I got there before the CO, who did not expect me till after lunch, so his lieutenants and I had a very worth while discussion, they are bright boys and seem to be well qualified for the job, they took me to their "Junior Officers'" club for a real American lunch, preceded by two double rum & cokes. It poured with rain going back to the office, and we got soaked, a taxi never appears when you want one badly. However it didn't affect our spirits, (the rums were pretty well overwhelmed with lunch), and then they kept me till almost 5. I expect to see more of them. They are very interested in our work, methods and results. Wish we could get linked up with them officially in a closer manner. There is a tremendous amount of this work ought to be done, and some kind of organization combining the brains and experience and resources of the US, Cdns and the British ought to be created. Its always nice to be able to tell the US chaps that I married the finest girl in the states, and persuaded her to come up to live in Victoria. Two of the lads were from Wyoming, but one studied at the US institute of Ocean technology at La Jolla.

Your letter of 24 June was here to greet me when I got back, and it was almost like having YOU meet me and give me a kiss. You know it is just that that I suddenly realize I long for, every once in a while, after an interesting day, or a trying day, to be able to come home and find my girl waiting for me, interested in what happened, and to be able to put my arms around her and love her a bit.

How lucky the Lashley Haggmans are to have a little girl, and to be together, and to be young, Your gift for them sounds like a fine idea, and very practical. Wouldn't it be fine if Mary could have a pony, I think you'll have to take her out to see Leila. I wrote her a birthday letter last week, it should get to her before the 16th. Am afraid it was not a masterpiece, but it is for her, and maybe she will be pleased. We'll get her a real birthday present when I get back.

Glad to hear that your eyes are improving, if slowly, that's a change in the right direction. It would be wise to carry out his directions vigilantly, especially not to strain them, it will be a bit inconvenient for a while, but if by doing what he says now will ensure recovery it will be worth it. Listening to the radio news rather than reading the newspapers too much would be a good idea too. Keep me posted on your progress, and don't worry unduly, that will do more harm than anything, I think the eyes are very sensitive to nervous strain.
I see you also sent Olive Andrews $100, well I did too, but it is alright. She will need the money that is certain. Glad she is out of hospital, my letter and check will go there but no doubt they will forward mail to her. Will be sending you another bit of money in the near future, as soon as I get my bank book back. Send it in each month for posting.

Saturday after lunch I took the motor bike down to Haywards, it is just about 40 miles. Bert is taking a few holidays, we cut down another big oak tree, and before I left Sunday at teatime, we had it bucked up and split. It was rotten weather, but not bad for working, it makes a nice break. They never let me leave empty handed, gave me ½ doz eggs, and 3 jars of Haywards Chutney, a special favorite. I took down some Jello from your parcels, and some cheese that you sent. Have just a little lemon powder left here for making the odd lemonade it is nicer than tea or coffee on warm nites.

Expect to have Bill Hall join us tomorrow. We have a batman for him already, also managed to get a special favor in the form of a steel cot from the barrack officer, so he will have a comfortable bed. Think it will be good for Capt Luscombe and me to have a third officer in the establishment, so we can both start telling all our pet stories over again to a fresh audience. I've heard most of Luscombes about 3 times now, but it doesn't bother me too much, except a little when I'm trying to concentrate on some idea. We really get along extremely well.

Well dear, were into July, not much summer yet. but each month brings the DAY closer.


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