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Date: January 29th 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England

29 Jan 45

Dear Jean:

This is a big day, your letters of 14th and 21st, Mary's picture, and the Swannell & Noakes report on the Hayward property. All this was waiting for me when I got home tonight from a busy day in town. Also May's rainbow scene was much appreciated. It so happens that I bought her a little book about drawing horses today, and will get it off soon. Have to go into town again tomorrow, this time for a session with the Brigadier, CMHQ. Your lovely parcel of soap came last week too, and was timely, although I was not out. Also, the Time weekly showed up last week for the first time, and the second one today. I enjoy these more than any other periodical, and get much more out of them than the newspapers.

I quite like Mary's picture, it is serious, but not too formal and perhaps makes her a bit more mature than her average mood. She is good looking, and will make a fine looking woman. I am glad to have it. Wish there had been one of her Ma too. Glad the wooden shoes arrived safely. Would have been very disappointed if they had been lost. Will consult the Morrises about the Scotch outwork table cloth etc. Must confess total ignorance. I'm sure Vera Vuylstoke would love one of those pictures of Mary. Don't know if a simple note with one in an envelope would be passed or not. Don't bother to send the book from Mr Swannell. I will try to write him.

His map of the Mill Bay property is a masterpiece, and you can guess how fascinating the proposition looks to me, I would surely love to own it, and live on it, but there are many things I'd like to do if I had money. Am quite sure that place will be worth 20000 inside 20 years. Whether it is worth our being hard up for money for such a long time is the point, for it would force us to do with out many many things we'd want during the next 10 years. I will make copies of all the dope, including Noakes letter, and give them to Bert. I hate to commit myself too, without seeing it myself. Water is the other feature, it may be quite a while before they have water service there, and to live comfortably and have enough for irrigating might be more than the wells would supply. From the contours, there does not appear to be a natural spot to build a small catch basin to hold any surface water from the rains to tide over the dry spells for irrigating. I shall be interested to know how much Mr Noakes charges for the report. Tell Frank how much I appreciate his efforts, he is a brick. He ended up his letter with saying "You just must come back to BC". There aren't many like Frank and Ana scattered around this world. The sad thing is that they will go before we do, and we must learn to enjoy the younger folk too, and love them too, so that our old age will be blessed with good friends too. Mary will help us in that. In the same way we ourselves have an obligation to our older friends, and we should think twice about leaving them light heartedly. I have met one or two people in these years who have lived all over, and who have nibbled in many pastures, but although they have much to impress the casual circle, they seem to be very lonely, and not too happy. It is something to be able to strike a good balance. Even if the Ottawa gov't does go in for air survey in a big way, I'm convinced that there will be a steady need and use for specialized local air survey by the provinces and commercial interests. Also I think Trorey is going after the Ottawa field, and he can have it, I like him as a friend but not as professional colleague. He is inordinately selfish and cold blooded in his machinations. He got the MBE in this year's honours, and deserved it well too.

You have been a busy woman, and to get out our financial memo in the thick of it all is a stout effort. You have full marks dear for the financial results. A gain of about 2300 in 8 months is pretty good. Chris's contribution is about ½ of it I notice, but still it is good. Am glad to note that there is no mortgage left. Also my insurance policy is a profit sharing one, and should be worth more than the $2000 when it matures in 47 (?) or 46? Maybe you are right, we might be able to swing the Hayward business by being careful. Think about it, both of us for a bit, I'll be seeing Bert soon anyway, if we though it worth while to give him a small option on it till I get home, he might consider it. Have an idea that you are just about as much in love with the place as I am. Or are you just indulging in your husband a bit? Certainly the climate there would suit us both better than near the Victoria waterfront. It would be a marvellous place for Mary even if she did have to come back to town for school.

Spent Sat pm and Sunday at Morrises. It is so nice to be able to enjoy the evening and not have to ride the long way home in the dark and cold. Ecila is more like her old self than I've seen her for a long time. Mrs M had just rec'd your letter of 8 Dec. It was an excellent letter. She says there is no one with whome she has such an enjoyable and interesting correspondence as with you. She wants to send you a contrib'n to your china set. What is the name and patter? Well, must go to bed, must be in good fottle to meet the Brig tomorrow. It is very important.


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