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Date: January 9th 1945

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army O'seas.

9 Jan 45.

Dear Jean:

In your letter of 26 Nov you mentioned that you expected to send a picture of Mary in it, however it wasn't there, and I have been looking for it ever since. Of course I have many of them, I keep a small selection including the latest in my pocket book, also have one of you both under the celluloid on my desk blotter, the others are in a box. I find myself looking at your picture many times during the day it is nice and handy where I can look down and see you smiling at me. It is my favorite of you, think it was for a passport, anyway it is the least formal and "frissiert" as the Germans might say, but it is you more than any other. When I look at you, all kinds of nice thoughts and happiness in the future. Often it makes me impatient to be back with you and Mary, other times, it makes try all the harder to do my stuff here, so that our forced separation will not be for nothing. And always, I rejoice that I found a girl like you for my wife. You are a joy and an inspiration always dear.

Your letter of 30 Dec arrived today, with Chris's and one from Mary with it. Will get a card one of the statue in Brussels of a little naked boy piddling. It is a famous statue, and the story is that a little prince got lost, and was found at that spot in Brussels, having lost all his clothes, and was unconcernedly relieving himself when found. It made a motif for a fountain well within the scope of continental appreciation. Am quite sure it wont hurt Mary's sensibilities, and it may broaden her outlook in an innocent sort of way. When my sister were her age, they had the advantage of being dumped in the Saturday night bath tub with their brother, who also learned in this natural way that boys and girls were different.
It was fine of Chris to write, and I was interested in everything in his letter. He is very busy, and certainly doing his bit. It was fine that Bud was able to get home. He has evidently had a wonderful experience. Your letter was welcome as usual. The one you thought might have been lost did come alright, Am glad you had a nice Christmas. It was nice of Fred Mulholland to come around. Guess Ken is a man now. Hope the Belgian clogs arrive safely.

Think I covered the subject of Bert Haywards property in my last letter. We seem to think alike on that topic. Just the same it wont hurt to keep posted on property values up there and any attractive offers of property of that type. The property east of Haywards, farther along toward the point looks quite good on the air photos, more timber, but that can always be thinned out, and has a certain value as fuel or building logs. Also from the property rights in the point, I'm sure a house could be located to get simultaneous views of Mount Baker, and the Olympics. If something really attractive at about $3000 came up, would be interested, but it would have to be good, and I don't think we can contemplate putting any more than that into place we cant live in permanently till I quit work. Have often thought I'd like to own enough ground so that I couldn't hear my neighbor's radio if they left it on with the windows or doors open. Also private enough so that I could work around outside wearing only shorts, without the neighbors knowing anything about it. I confess my nudist inclinations, but exhibitionism is not one of my weaknesses. May get down to Haywards next Sat.

Things seem to be kind of hanging fire these days for us. I am busy with lots of things, but my efforts to get into more direct operational work in an active theatre of war so far have been without evident effect. A break may come. Rather think you may have a brief visit from Bill, better keep it to yourself till his sister gives out the "news". Have been trying to get him in on this home leave program and think our efforts have been successful. Not sure just when it will materialize.
We have Lieut Rechard of the US Army with us these days, he is from Laramie Wyoming, he is interested in some developments I am working on, and being a qualified mathematician, is working out some formulae for me. His father is Dean of maths in the graduate school at the Wyoming University. He is quite young, but has lots of what it takes, Took him over to Morrises the other night, wanted to show them a typical American of our own class. They liked him.

We had a couple of very heavy snow flurries this afternoon, and there was about 3 inches of lovely clean snow, it does make things look pretty. If Mary were here we could make snowballs, (and break windows?). Harry Luscombe just returned from his leave tonight. He has been down to Devon to see his Mother who is over 90. Bob Richards was over for Sat night, went back Sunday after lunch. Bill & I go into London Friday to have dinner and go to a pantomime with the Bevans.
Well Jean, this is rather a dull time for most of us, but we keep our spirits up, and we'll get a break one of these days.



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