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Date: September 29th 1941

(Can) R74906
Sgt Pilot Davey J.V.
#53 O.T.U. R.A.F.
Sept 29/41

Dear Mother Dad & Art:

Well Mom I received your letter post marked Aug 25 today at noon, but haven't received any others other than Cons and it was her third letter written to me, so where the others have gone goodness knows but I expect I will get a package with 5 or 6 letters in one of these days it seems to be the way of it. I have just finished writing to Ted Harmston I hope he'll get it as I sent it to the War Offices and I think I'll try & get to George Stock in a similar way its about the only way to do it no harm in trying & its quite sure of reaching them at some time soon. As I said before I was pleased to hear the way you were getting on Mom, sounds great & I can imagine you are happy about the whole thing too.

Well it looks like every body who is left around Victoria is getting married. well I guess no harm done, keep people out of mischief I hope. Well after this business is over I'm going to loaf for quite a spell till I get tired of it. you know nearly everyone gets lazier & lazier as each day passes, its really terrific but very nice not caring if you do anything., seems rather funny to you people I guess but it is rather funny tho' especially trying to get up in the mornings, we have three to a room & one fellow will wake up about seven, wake the other two & we just lie there trying to argue our way into getting up. finally getting up about 5 to 8:00 & then rush like blazes but we get a great bang out if it so we don't worry, in fact are very happy with our laziness. Well enough of being lazy etc.

Bill Howell did get home eh I remember Art saying he was coming in August some time or other. I guess he has a good job by now, a good end to be in at this present day & age, lots of scope nowadays and one should really go places with his knowledge, please tell Art to say hello to him for me if he writes.

Well Mom this is short I know but will finish now you wont mind I know. more next time, so bye for now with all my love

Loving son.

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