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Date: September 10th 1941

(Can) R74906
Sgt. Pilot Davey. J.V.
Attached R.A.F.
Sept 10/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art.

Well here we are again no move yet, have been here 10 days now and are having a very good time, swimming, golfing, dances & shows but am getting a little weary of it wish we could get posted & then we will probably get a few days off on leave & could get to see the folks providing we're not too far away. Don and I played golf - yesterday & the day before, didn't do too bad the first day considering I haven't played since April, but yesterday was really horrible couldn't do a darned thing, they have some very nice courses here & it doesn't cost much to play can play & rent clubs for two [?] which is quite a bit cheaper than back home.

How are you feeling now Mom, I sure hope you are improving all the time and that you are able to get around more now. How are the rest - O.K. I hope.

Well there isn't a great deal to say as there is naught doing, just having a swell holiday. We should be out of here soon tho' as it isn't usual for one to stay around here for more than two weeks. Don was called out the other day & was supposed to have left yesterday, but his draft was cancelled, so we are all there still together. I met Des Malabe - from Victoria, last nite - he joined a few weeks before I did & went to Toronto, I had wondered where he had got to, cause when I inquired about him nobody had heard of him - It is really funny seeing fellows again. We haven't seen John Rounsefell or Bill McLaughlin yet - they were the other two fellows who I went to Halifax with & they didn't leave with us three, but we heard they left there soon after us & should be here, so we are wondering whether they had a mishap during the crossing. I sure hope not but it looks that way.

We have heard just now of a possibility that we might get leave from here, there is a parade at 1:30 for us. so will find out something then it would be nice if we did as we aren't a great distance from the folks, I was just thinking, I wonder if Uncle Harry has enough nickels saved up yet. I can remember him telling me he was going to save his nickels & come out to Canada - it looks like I have beaten him to the draw. It is going to be real fun seeing them all again & I am looking forward to it, but if we don't hurry up and fly again soon I'm afraid they'll have to send me back to Elementary again, boy it sure has been a long time since we were last up. but I'm sure I could get into a Harvard & put it thro' its paces again without much trouble.

I guess Ken Scharff will be on his way soon unless he is made an instructor, but he will be lucky if he comes over here it is really nice. that is where we are. & the people very friendly - it is a Million Dollar resort tho' the only trouble, but I am faring very nicely, have still a few pounds left & we shall be getting another touch in the next few days. Oh by the way Dad I have signed $50.00 per month home to you. I don't think I mentioned the amount before but that is it. - We had to send $2300 any way so I added another $1200 on to $1500 & made it an even $5000 I was going to send $6000 but didn't quite know how money would go over here. They have a different system of paying here. so far it had been sort of advances & if you run out you can go & get another issue, I think the reason most fellows run short is that they don't know the money very well don't figure out the difference to Canadian coin. I have got on fairly well not very quick at it but can figure it up & its relative value to Canadian coin.

Now it is time for all good things to come to an end until later date - so now with lots of love & hoping you'll remain in good health - love to all

Your loving son

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