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Date: September 3rd 1941


Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Well here I am again, we have been here 3 days now and having a fairly good time, we are in a lovely place and the people are very nice indeed. I don't know when will be posted but hope pretty soon and then maybe get a few days leave and will be able to get and see the folks. I had letters ready when I landed & sent them along so they know I am here somewhere, we aren't very far away now but can't get there as we can't have leave from here altho' we are not doing a great deal, but I'd just as soon stay here as it is really nice and is more or less a nice holiday. There's really not much I can say about anything about the trip well its all out but I must say our train trip was very enjoyable I haven't craned my neck so much in all my life as did on that trip it was wonderful. - it is pretty well similar to Vancur Island.

Boy this is really difficult thinking of something to say. I'm afraid the first letter won't be very successful but will probably have a better idea of what to say in the next letter. I have a long letter here for Con but am wondering how much they will cut out of it, I wrote it in spasms coming here on the boat. We sure had a lovely trip & how. - were supposed to sleep in hammocks over our mess tables, what a heck of a hole, smelly & what not, but Don Gordon, Miles Howlett & I found ourselves a cabin which we had a swell sleep in. We figured we had a cinch for the trip when in the afternoon the next day we were kicked out, so we were ready to get ourselves a hammock but the stores were closed, then Miles got an idea, & we went on the lower deck & figured out where the cabin was - got the right window so we pulled down the steel outside window and did a little trapeze work & got in & we used the back door during day and evening it sure was O.K. but the funny part about it was Don, when one saw the size of the port hole window and the size of Don - he weighs 215 lbs and by the 3rd day he was able to get in and out without touching the sides. We didn't eat much on board at all - except apricots, grapefruit, cherries & biscuits all canned goods. Boy I can really open cans & with an ordinary houseknife & a boot. - first the boot to knock the knife into the can & then the rest is up to the quickness of the wrist. Well I'll lay a bet I can do it quicker my way than anyone would with a can opener, & will give you a better job - run your fingers around the can & not draw blood. - quit the bragging Davey. but we only had two meals in 5 days the amazing part is I have put on weight coming over - as every one seems to have.

Well now I had better finish this up and will be writing again next week, I bought a snapshot album & have put my pictures in it & hope to get quite a few more in it. so bye now with lots of love to you and the others.

Your loving son,

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Original Scans