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Date: October 15th 1941

(Can) R74906
Sgt Pilot Davey J.V.
#53 O.T.U. R.A.F.
Oct 15/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art.

Received your letter, Mum, written on Sept 3/41. That makes two from you, one from Dad and one from Con. I'm danged if I can figure out where the rest are as I'm positively sure there are more letters, smokes etc some where over here that haven't been forwarded and I sure hope that whoever looks after those things would take the lead out and start sending them along.

I imagine by now you will have received some of my letters and also cablegrams I imagine you would get my first cablegram the day after you posted this letter of the 3rd as we didn't arrive at a station here till the 2nd Sept and I sent a cable on the 3rd also one on the 20th to Dad & another to Con. I will be sending Cablegrams every second week end, one to you & the next to Con, alternately.

Everything is going along pretty good here, we have about 2 weeks to go and about 10 hrs flying to put in, then comes a 7 day leave during which I shall get to see the folks altho. there is a possibility of getting a 48 hr pass this week end & if so I shall go & see Uncle Harry & Aunt Kitty & the rest if at all possible, you see we are about 4 hrs train time from them so I don't suppose I'll have much time to spend with them on a 48 but will do the following week on my leave. I believe I told you about trying to get in touch with George & Ted by mail, but as yet haven't had any reply. I hope I get one before the 7 days comes up as I would sure like to see them.

Yes Con was saying that she & the rest were going to take the car up to Qualicum and that Mr & Mrs Lindner were going to Calgary. I'm glad to hear you are getting out and having some fun Mom. it sounds good, hearing you talk like that so keep it up. and I hope your teeth won't be too much bother.

There isn't a great deal to say, but thanks very much for the paper clippings, keep sending them please.

What is Art taking up at Sprotts Wireless Telegraphy? and Norman is doing the radio course and a job at the same time. I can imagine him being a pretty important chap right now.

Now dear folks I shall sign off as am exhausted as to what to say so will love to all. I'll pack up and do some more flooging (flying) so till next week I'll say bye for now.

Your loving son

P/S - I will send this one by ordinary mail as maybe my complaint at the beginning of it might take hold, bye now.


Will be writing Con tonight.

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