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Date: May 19th 1941

LAC. Davey JV.
#10 S.F.T.S.
Dauphin Man

Dear Mom Dad & Art:

Well here we are again. how are you all keeping, pretty well I hope. Well I was in hospital from last Wed. morn until Sat morn, with a swell head cold but it is quite a bit better now. I went flying yesterday for the first time since last Tues. & must say it was a little hard on the ears. Right now the flying has been washed out as there is a peach of a wind a blowing & the sky is half full of dust. so it looks as tho' we'll be grounded this afternoon.

I had a 36 hr pass on Sat. & went to Brandon, it looks the same as it ever only no snow this time, boy are there a pile of washed out pilots in the Manning Pool now waiting to remuster. I saw Don

[page missing]

It is quite a summer resort and is supposed to be a big attraction for Tourists so it looks like we have a good place to go on our week end leaves.

Thats too bad about Danas baby am glad to hear it is doing much better., when did it develope the Cerebro Meningitis?

Well theres not much more to say at present, oh one of our planes was washed out last nite in landing the pilot & instructor were both taken to hospital but are not hurt much I think the Student had his nose broken. They misjudged the field plop.

Yes I heard Cuy was leaving for his training yesterday, it will be quite a change for him, I imagine he'll be kept in seeing as they are wanting men for the army.

but he'll probably be kept in for home defense.

Now I'll close sorry its so short but its all I can think off: so bye now till next time.

Your loving son,

I'm glad you like the ring, it should sparkle, may be it will more with wear. but as long as it is O.K. I guess its all right then.


I'll send this ordinarily, so please let me know if there is much difference between airmail & 3[?] - just to see. I have an idea there isn't much.

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