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Date: May 6th 1941

L.A.C. Davey JV.
Dauphin Man
May 6/41

Dear Family:

Well here we are - had a dirty day coach all the way from Vancur. we had a 7 hr stop in Van Saskatoon. and arrived here at 2:00 Sun morn. & were not expected - what an outfit. We had a reveille pass till 6 this morning but most of us got to bed early - Don and I got a lift to town with a young couple & ended up with having about 110 mile ride. all thro' Riding National Park. We saw the remains of the plane that crashed near there & were joed into help carry the stretcher with the pilot on boy what a job about 2½ mile trudge thro' bush.

We haven't started flying yet but have to write out cockpit check 12 times & take off check 12 times tonight & then I have to go on Link from 10 to 12 oclock. what a life Boy these planes are sure different to the Moth. just to look at the instrument panel scares about 10 years growth out of you and we are supposed to solo in 3 hrs. I think we start tomorrow.

There's really not much to say this time as nothing newsy has come about yet. altho' we had 2 hrs continuous parading this afternoon. which every body welcomed yea. The food is identical to Mossbank - no kidding you couldn't beat Sea Island for food and a clean station. We have had a bit of rain the last hour & the gumbo again you walk about 20 steps and you've added about an inch and half to you'r height.

March 7/41

We had a swell snowstorm today which has helped the mud along & still no flying altho we started ground studies this morning & got issued most of our books & instruments & it sure looks like a lot of work ahead of us but I guess we can take it. They had us washing planes down this afternoon & I can say I'd sooner wash a car.

Well folks enough for this time still not much news. so bye for now. with lots of love.

Your loving son

P/S. How are you feeling now Mom.

Please Let me know how long this takes airmail

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