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Date: March 28th 1941

L.AC. Davey J.V.
#8 E.F.T.S. R.C.A.F.
Sea Island
Eburne, B.C.
March 28/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Well here we are again back at work again. I have now 28 hrs 30 mins. flying time in 3 weeks and 1 day. but have not had my 20 hr test yet. I was supposed to have had it yesterday and also again today but never got it probably tomorrow. They better look out or I'll have in 50 hrs before I get my 20 check. everything is swell had a fairly good sleep on the boat, altho' she started blowing her fog horn around 4 A.M. but managed to sleep abit thro it. We were 10 mins late getting out here but was O.K. and guess what we had to fly all day. I put in about 5½ hrs in and was up 6 times once with the instructor flew from 8 - 6 at night. I think the school put in around 250 hrs that day and was it ever foggy first thing really couldn`t see a thing around 2000` so had to get up around 5000 so we could see and coming into land was terrible you couldn`t tell if there were planes on the ground in front of you until you were down to 20 - 40 ft. Jack Mitchner took my plane up right after I got out and put it on its nose while taxying out. The darned thing insisted on swinging to the right even with break partly on. He was heading for another plane so put the brake on farther to help turn it to the left. and it jammed and put him on his nose it only broke the prop. and I had it out again an hr later.

The seniors are leaving tomorrow morning and then our jnrs will be coming in then we are seniors now. but hope will get a few days off. when we get thro'. They have tonight off till 4 A.M. so they weren't lucky as far as a few days off but if we keep going as we are we should get something off. one of our fellows has 40 hrs. in now and we are all mostly above the 20 hr mark. When we arrived half of the seniors hadn't even soloed, there were about 7 solos the day we arrived. so it just shows to go you. Two of our fellows have washed out so far - didn't even solo. None have gone in there 20 hr. yet! Forced landings are the hard part in 20 hr test 40 marks out of the hundred on forced landings mine are not bad usually hit 2 out of 3 and such.

I think Cuy and Peg will be over tomorrow I don't know whether Con will come or not as it is the end of the month, but am going to phone her tonight and see. We got paid yesterday nice cheque $32.85 so please find enclosed $20.00 for deposit to a/c Dad. I guess the $15.00 cheque hasn't arrived yet. but altogether it will give me over $100.00 in bank. which will come in handy sometime

Well there's not much more to say so by for now. lots of love.

Your loving son

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