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Date: March 22nd 1941

L.A.C. Davey J.V.
#8 E.F.T.S.
Sea Island
Eburne, B.C.
March 22/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Well I just did it, flew the danged thing myself, and it really is great being up there all alone it really seems to fly a heck of a lot better without the instructor and I was so surprised at the way I kept it going in a straight line on the take off although I did get into the slip stream of two other planes when I got to about 300 ft. and what a rough ride - one wing down, then the other. you sure wonder what in the heck is going on. I had to give her the gun on my first landing as she really bounced back up in the air but it is really swell tearing along about 20' above the ground at 70 miles per hr. Everything is going swell so far only not much time off. but have heard we are to have from next Sun at 5:00 till midnight Mon. so I am going to do my darndest to see if I can have till Tues morn. that is to catch midnight boat Mon night, but will have to see if the rumour is true first. I hope so.

Did you find out how I looked in uniform, from Con. She seemed to think I looked O.K. (so she said) am really used to it now. I wish I had another pair of pants tho', as you can't keep a decent crease in these. I was just talking to Reg Lane he's one of our seniors & left for Brandon the same night as I did & also from Victoria. They get this Sun from 5:00 till Mon. midnight & I told him what I had decided to do if we got leave so he did same & was granted pass till 8:00 Tues morn, so that will give him all day in Victoria till Midnight. So it looks good if we can get the same kind of leave next week end. keep fingers crossed.

I am sure glad to hear Mom's teeth are O.K. and not causing much trouble and sure hope she gets on OK with the other business -

So Art has started lacrosse again eh. (Just came down again been doing forced landings, spins steep turns etc - with instructor tho'. that makes 1:40 today - really building up time now. Yes it was really nice to see the Dominoes last week end have seen a couple of boys since Ive been here. Too bad the Dominoes have been losing, I sure get razzed by a Varsity fellow with us here.

Our inspection went off great we were told by our CO. that we were the best Ceremonial drill that he has seen in Western Canada and also the neatest barracks and airdrome - so that was a pretty good slap on the back.

Thanks for depositing the coupons, that'll help a bit.

I was sure surprised to hear about Ian Ackland, thats too bad isn't it., he was a swell fellow and a dang good sportsman. Also the Mylrea boys have done alright haven't they.

Well I shall sign off now there's not much more to say so I might as well. ecept I have 3 rolls of films to be developed but as they cost 50¢ to get printed I'll wait till I can get into town. and I don't think we can take pictures here without permission Now good bye for now., hoping you all keep in better health.

Your loving son

Will phone sometime next week about this leave if it comes about with love to all.


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