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Date: June 22nd 1941

Dauphin Man
June 22/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Well here it is Sunday again and another week less to go. I haven't received your letter yet but will tomorrow by rights. I just thought I'd start writing for some thing to do while there's some time free around here. I hope you are all keeping well & that you are beginning to feel more like yourself again, I guess it will be quite awhile yet tho' before you feel that way, but sure hope you are coming on nicely Mom.

We had another Wing's Parade yesterday, Jack Mitchner & Reg Lane, are angels now and both are going overseas. I guess Reg will be in Victoria in a couple of days time, he left last night from Brandon; so we are seniors again & the next boys in line, already 4 fellows have had all the wings tests. I guess mine will come this week coming - have 76 hrs now, & will get out of here with about 90 - 100 hrs I hope seeing we have 3 weeks to go. Have finished my night flying 10 hrs finished off last nite 4 dual and 6 solo. exactly what we should have. Had my #2 Instrument â–³ to day and hit it right on the button., that is blind flying with a hood over you. about an hr under the hood;

We were quite lucky the other day in not getting that Cyclone they had South of here I ran into a peach of a thunder lightning & hail storm last week and it didn't take me long to get out of it and head back home again, I was hoping it wouldn't close in around me. & it didn't, but that nite we had a womderful display of lightning & thunder, you don't see them out on the coast like that.

Well here it is Tues. - hotter than h. about 95 in the shade & what do they do but have a wing Parade & keep us going from 1:30 - 5:30 and now they've turned all the water off. boy this outfit is nuts.

I received your letter to day and am pleased about Mom, getting up and around for short spells and sure hope she'll be able to get home on Wed. so in that case I'll send this letter to the house.

Yes I did get a little punishment for my undercarriage up landing just 10 days C.B. it came the same week as I was on duty watch & had to stay in any way so I didn't lose much by it., but did get an entry in my log book which sort of spoils it, but can't be helped. I guess I'm not the only one.

I'm sure sorry to hear about Hugh, thats really tough luck - The first class at Yorkton graduate Mon next, but I guess Hugh wont be in it. I imagine he must have had it in one eye as he would have been pretty well blinded if both eyes had gone and he would never have landed properly. May be altitude would have caused it, but more than likely aerobatics as there is a terrific force put upon one during these manoeuvers and I think his blood pressure is a little high and possibly it could happen in that case. We had one of our fellows wash out around 20 hrs as he used to 'black out' at all times during aerobatics and pulling out of dives

Another fellow yesterday landed more or less on another aircraft tearing its tail off and chopping the canopy above the pilots head boy it was sure a freak, I guess he'll get what for for in doing that., but it is really terrible around here now we have a bunch of N. Zealanders started in & boy you ought to see the circuits being made its terrible, every body cutting one another off., but since yesterdays happenings, there's a good look out being kept on all a/c flying the circuit. It took me half an hour to land yesterday noon, had to go around 3 times before could make it. (The mosquitos are simply awful just eat you alive, yea they even come over in formation, peel off and attack you one at a time. if it keeps up you wont recognize me when I get home, which wont be long I hope.

As far as aviation goes we have a long way to go. We learn more about brooms than aircraft its simply terrific, apparently student pilots haven't got enough to do - so we get brooms Start our exams next Mon., will sure be great to get those over with & every thing else. & get out of here.

Oak Bay really went to town didn't it, one million $ is a lot of dough.

This is getting to be quite a war, I wonder when something is going to happen to the old devil. surely something has got to happen to him sometime. He just keeps on & on and nothing seems to have any effect on him, it just looks as tho' he has the whole power on his side, but he wont last long. its not practical nor conceivable, will fix him.

I sure got a surprise the other nite, was looking in the Winnipeg Free Press, the first thing I saw was a picture & it just struck me it was Mike Darling & sure enough the article beside the picture was about him, & according to it he must have been a lucky boy. I wonder if he got to Victoria yet.

Enclosed also are a couple of pictures - one of the airport, taken by me, may be you can figure the top it was sort of a rough day and was bouncing around a lot. was up on one side as it was. & no one on the controls, it isn't a bad picture considering. One of a Harvard & the other is me in summer drill outside barracks.

Well had better sign off now & do some homework, its necessay so good bye again till next time and love to all.

Your loving son

P/S. couldn't find any corrections in yours Dad but will keep my eyes open, you'll probably find lots in mine, I just ramble on and never think what goes down always rushing at all times., Could you tell me if I answered Aunt Necias letter, can't remember.


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