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Date: June 16th 1941

LAC Davey JV.
#10 S.FT.S; RCAF.
Dauphin Man.
June 16/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art.,

Received your letter at noon today, glad to hear every thing is going on swell and that you are coming along favourably Mom. I sure hope they will let you come home this week-end coming, thats a darned good idea having someone in to keep house it will make things a lot easier and give you all more time to yourselves. not so much rushing around.

Every thing is just about the same around here lots of work to do other than flying & classes, we are always getting 'joed' for one thing or another. I have about 66 hrs now and only 9 more to go for the 75 hrs we are supposed to have. and a month to do it in. I imagine I will be getting an instrument test this week sometime. It will be great to get all this stuff over with it sort of worries one at times, some days a person is really hot on every thing and then all of a sudden you can't do a darned thing. Yesterday I was out of an a/c for about 15 mins from 1:30 - 6:00 I sure had a sore behind and weary after that.

Well when we get through we will all be Sgt. Pilots - but what else remains to be seen - some may be instructors, overseas, coastal patrols etc. you never can tell. So Cecil got to Vancouver, a little better luck than Hugh, thats too bad about Mrs.Langton, but it was nice that Cec. was in Vancouver. I haven't heard from Hugh at all altho' I had heard he was washed out in Yorkton, how true it is I don't know, but I hope he didn't. Is Dick in training at Calgary surely not on guard duty.

Thats a lot of money, the quota for Greater Victoria, & having secured about 75% so far is really swell and yours should boost it right up to the limit I suppose. Why you never told me you had that much money,

I'm pleased to hear Auntie Ethel is improving, and Uncle George is still having trouble too - boy they sure have the tough luck don't they.

Well I have been a bad boy had a little accident the other night, came in and landed with my wheels up, didn't do much damage to the a/c and never shook me up at all so don't worry at all. I guess I was concentrating too much on a couple of other a/c & must have thought I had them down but guess I didn't., there's been more than me doing it, but the fellows on the ground have noticed before it was too late. - my case was too late.

No, I don't imagine Eddy Mallek would come up here as Winnipeg is around 212 miles from here, but it would be nice to see him if he did come up here.

Well people there's not much more to say this time, terrible having so little news but there isn't any more so bye for now with love to all.

Your loving son

P.S. I see they've kicked the German Council out of the U.S.A.

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