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Date: June 11th 1941

LAC. Davey JV.
Dauphin Man.
June 11/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Thanks for the welcome letter, received it today, I'm sorry I didn't answer your last letter more promptly but just couldn't get at it. Well I have a little time tonight before reporting for night flying. It looks like it might be a nice moonlite nite to-night. It was pretty black on Sat night couldn't see a darn thing around 11:30 and started raining which made it worse, boy it sure is a funny feeling when you look out & can't see anything but blackness. ones imagination can sure run away with one - but its not bad at all as long as one keeps to the instrument & you can't go far wrong. This kid looks at them all the time even if the moon is full up & lots of horizon showing, I'll have around 6½ hrs by the time I finish tonight and only 3½ to go. & its all over. We're caught up to most of the seniors in night flying & some of our boys have had there wings tests - nav. & instruments which some of the seniors haven't had yet. I don't know what they are going to do with us if we keep going like we are as we have till July 15th to go yet.

So Ken S. was home on sick leave. That would be pretty nice wouldn't it. I bet you he wasn't sorry at having two weeks off. even tho' it will put him behind his class. lots of time to catch up.

I'm glad to hear you are getting on fairly nicely Mom, hope you haven't had any more attacks - of indigestion. and that you'll really kepp on getting better. Its sorta going to spoil another summer for you isn't it, but still its only June and summer lasts a long while out at the Coast This place is so hot one day & so cold & wet the next. Yesterday it rained all day & night & to day is really hot & no kidding. Have a nice 48 this week-end & I have to fly Fri nite - but will have all Sat. morning to sleep in.

So you had a big Parade Victory Loan. must have been quite a sight with 4000 in it. - How did they make out. By the way did you know I knew Iona Bond when you sent that clipping or maybe its a different one. Bonds coffee shop on Yates St. I think her full name is Iona Victory Bond.

My cheques are still coming in - good. I guess the premium will have the dividend deductable on it this time wont it. I'll have to keep some money out of my next 3 pays so I can make it home. Its hard to say how long we will have. I may only be able to have 2 or 3 days at home & yet again maybe more, but thats a month away yet lots of time.

By the way how is Auntie Ethel getting along. please remember me to them both.

Well people I guess I will have to close again. Thanks for the clippings, so Lil. B. & Gordy Robinson are to be married. I guess he is still in the NP.A.M. Army Service Corps. he was at Nanaimo the same time as me.

Well bye now. lots of love
Your loving son

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