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Date: June 9th 1941

LAC. Davey JV.
#10 S.F.TS. RCAF
Dauphin Man.
Mon 9/41

Dear Dad - Mom & Art:

Sorry I haven't answered your last letter sooner. but have been awful busy the past week - what with flying all day and link & night flying, did [?] get my short note I wrote last week. I hope so and also hope every thing is under control and that Mom is steadily improving.

Every thing is just about the same around here. We had a Navigation Progress Exam today it wasn't too bad I guess we will be writing our friends in another couple of weeks or so. The seniors will be finished theirs tomorrow Some of our boys have already had half their wings test so far so we are doing OK I have 50 hrs now and 25 to go by July 15th. some boys have 65 hrs already. Yesterday I went on 2 cross country flights covered around 550 miles, its a little different to driving that distance in a car. I have one more X country to do before my wings nav-igation test & one more instrument test also., the both are no cinch more kids have been lost and forced down on the same trip I did yesterday one kid was lost Sat. about 20 miles from the Saskatchewan border and 100 miles or so away from here I can't see it but they do it - & run out of gas., may be I was lucky.

I see Ken Scharff. Was home around the 24th of May I saw a Colonist the other day dated May 25th and apparently he had a party of friends at the Empress.. How. I guess he got thro' Elementary OK. Do you know where he went for service flying.

I haven't seen Bob. A. since that night. - They have been quarantin-ed I believe I imagine it will be lifted by now. I hope to see him before he gets moved from there. Well the boys that got their wings the other week. are gradually getting back in town, I believe they leave for Halifax tonight - that is the ones that go overseas. Yes Con sent me a picture of Wally Stipe. he had quite a bit of trouble getting in on a/c of his eyes but I imagine they must be alright by now. Does Art ever hear from Cecil Langton or Dick Higgins - how are they making out. & also Armand Cave is he still in Eastern Canada or had he been shifted back West again

Well folks theres not much more to say this time, I seem to have less & less to say on each move I make. Please tell Aunt Necia I received her letter the other day & will try & write back soon to her. and please say hello to every body for me. - now to do some night flying, will get about an hour & a half to 2 hrs to night - am flying to 12:30 R.CAF time here and 1:30 Central., it looks like an awful black night. at that so its all instruments, I will then have about 4 hrs and 6 to go - will be greatly releived then - most of the boys will -none like this nite stuff particularly when its piled black as its awful hard landing and you have to definitely stick to instruments or else.

So bye for now and again Mom I hope you get well again soon - with lots of love.

Your loving son

Insert. - a picture of Dan Me and his wife - me and 'Chuck' Arnolds wife. Chuck was with us on guard duty and was washed out of a/ crew. in Regina on a/c of eyes. - They are living in the same house in Brandon.


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