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Date: July 9th 1941

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such as one fellow, whose family live in Bristol and he is 'Joed' as an instructor out here. & can't get changed The poor guys as instructors only get 5 days leave & no travelling time, we get 18 days 10 8 days travelling so thats not too bad. & Sgts pay $3.70 a day for 18 days. We are supposed to get our wings Mon. & don't know if we can leave Mon nite or not. but we will leave the Tues for sure. & should be in Victoria Fri afternoon.

So Bradigan & Harold got thru at Saskatoon, I guess they are in Victoria now, I wonder if they will be there when I get back. Bill seemed to have done alright for himself. No I haven't any picture of myself yet. I had figured getting one when getting home., its sort of difficult getting in town before store closing time as we quit at 6:00 and it is then 7:00 town time which makes it rather late.

Well I have sewn my wings on my blues, have them all ready to put on after the parade, as we will be in summer drill for the parade so why not put them on ahead of time. Nearly all the boys have bought wings and stripes, we bought the padded wings as they look nicer than the issue. I guess I must have told you I was fighter pilot, well now it is bomber I guess I handle controls too gently and smoothly for fighter. most of the fellows on fighters usually are the ones who handle the controls roughly, I mean by that like doing maneuvers quickly, throwing the a/e around, apparently they want the gentler type of pilot for bombers boy I sure would like to land on a Hampden or Whitely even a Sunderland would be O.K. It would be great to heave to on a Sunderland, you'd really have something. A couple of the boys are supposed to be General Recconasaince, that would be an interesting job, lots of low flying there & good possibilities of a scrap. Yes it was too bad about Lionel cracking up but thats how it goes.

I guess Cec L. is still in Vancur. I'd sure like to see him before he gets around to service, I'd like to hear from Hugh too. the last I heard was whilst I was in Van. One of the kids I go around with is from Calgary. & had a letter today from a fellow in the wireless school there and apparently it is one heck of a place. the discipline is terrific they can't wear anything but issue & are very strickld strict. so poor Dick will not like it very much if thats the case I imagine he will be in this other fellows class This goes to show you, you never know what you'll end up as when joining this outfit. As the fellow I mentioned, was the highest in his Class in Regina and medically fit for pilot, so they tell him he's l no good on 'link' & therefor will have to be a gunner - it just happened they needed air gunners at that time, Dick probably hooked the same way.

Boy it sure will be a great day, getting back home away from these dashed prairies, just can't wait, then a long drawn out trip across Canada, & the pond. I imagine will be shoved to Scotland first of all. for a couple of months. Yes I've heard about Con's car or jallopy, I guess I'll have to get my old clothes on to ride in that & will have to have a couple of hours dual on it before a solo flight, any thing so difficult and fast as that always slumps me for awhile; one should keep cool in it., By the way Art, how are my clothes. all worn out or is there any chance of a salvage. How about the green suit, slacks could you have them cleaned for me please, cause I can't run around in my blue uniform all the time as we have to turn our summer drill in I think.

Now bye and lots of love to you and all.

Your loving son

P/S - Really pleased to hear you're picking up Mom, keep going Mom.

I guess this will be the last letter from [?] & also from me - next time Sgt/Pilot Davey

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