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Date: July 1st 1941

Dauphin Man
July 1/41

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Received your letter today at noon and am really pleased to hear you are back home again Mom and sure hope you'll begin getting on nicely from now on Mom. I guess there'll only be about one more letter from me to you from #10 S.F.T.S- we have only two exams left. - Practical armourments & practical signals & then all over as far as written go and only the air tests left. but shouldn't have much trouble there I hope. and then come the feathers, that's the day. 15th of July 14 days away, I have heard I'm to be a fighter pilot so that means overseas for more training another 6-8 weeks on. still faster a/c and after that we get reconnosaince I think, but it takes quite a while before any action comes out of it, but you never can tell what you'll be from here, they just pick and that's what you are. So if I go overseas it looks like the little books of names will be used after all. I think I'd just as soon go over than instruct as we would either be instructors on Harvards or twin exgines & I have made my mind up that instructing would be a darned tough and dangerous job., Boy some of the instructors around here hearts take a flutter now th and then with these New Zealanders. what with nite flying etc.

There's really not a great deal to say this time. some times there seems to be news and others nothing

Am off until 3:30 when I have to go for an armament test oral & also signals.

We had one of our boys hit the deck last Sat morning, it was tough as we all thought our course was going to get out of here without any fatal accidents, but I guess not. The fellow that got killed had the highest marks ever been given on this station in his wings test., he was stunting and we presume he got down too low and fell out of a roll or something - never can tell.

Yes I heard about the day-light savings in B.C. - how do you like it, I think it would make quite a difference during summer time, but as far as winter it wont be carried on thru' it will it.

We have a similar system on the station here. we are an hour behind Dauphin time it makes it better for night flying so they say.

Well folks I'd better wind up pretty soon, can't think of any thing at all. How is Cecil L liking the flying in Vancour. has he had as much time off as I had and its too bad about Hugh isn't it but he should make it out OK in the accountancy end. of it. Has [?] come back to Victoria yet?

Now bye & will be seeing you soon, so with lots of love to you and all and, get well soon Mom. au revoir

Your loving son