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Date: February 3rd 1942

(Can) R74906
Sgt Pilot Davey J.V.
c/o R.A.F.; H.Q.
Middle East Forces
February 3/42

Dear Mother Dad & Art:

Here we are again folks, still waiting for posting. Jack and I are still together but most of our cobbers went out yesterday, we were all on the draft at first & then it was revised & we were left off, but we did try to get on again. All the Aussies & Newsies were on & about six Canadians we may get up to them one of these days. we hope. I have an idea they wont be sticking around this neck of the woods but going to the Far East which would be great, especially for the Aussies, getting nearer home. Jack and I are supposed to meet these fellas out in Aussie one of these days, they are determined to show us the place, but here we are. boy is it ever chilly this morning, worse than a winters day in Victoria - nearly anyway, me sitting here with my Irvine jacket on gradually warming up. give me another hour & I'll be warm.

I haven't received any mail from England yet & no Canadian mail forwarded, but am going to write to out P.O & let them know our whereabouts as there should be some mail around here somewhere. The other day I sent airgraphs to Aunt Necia, Auntie Bee & the others in England. & as you'll see this is my 2nd letter to you from out here. We have quite a nice place where we usually eat at nights to make up for our minus vitamins during the day, our usual meal is eggs, chips, peas, tomatoes & fried bread which amounts to about four bits, they sure are good and go down well but last night was our last we are broke, spending our paltry change on a few candles as some body chipped our lamp & left us without a light. this is really fun tent, straw palliase, reminds me of Nanaimo only it's sand underneath instead of sawdust I don't know which is the best. but we have fun, parade at 8:30 each day, then back to tent, lay down & read or else sleep up again for dinner 12:00 parade at 1:30 nothing doing back - to tent more read or sleep supper at 5:00 then down to our eating house. & back to tent & to bed about 8:00 then up again at 7:40 & start all over again, we have been we have been doing this for the past week & half, a real life of leisure I must say but is getting to be quite boring. if we only had some places to go or a few tennis courts or some thing it would be okay for awhile but we have sweet nothing. Boy what a lazy guy I'm going to be for awhile it's terrible isn't it. But once we get on a squadron back to flying again it will be much better, we should be quite active again, & shouldn't think it will take long.

Well my dear folks theres not much left for me to say. I hope you will get the negatives I sent the other day, you should do as there weren't any shots of military doings in. Also Mom may I wish you many Happy returns of your Birthday & hope that you are pretty well back to normal by then. not having heard I have no idea what it is what back home with you people but do hope alls well. I don't know whether this will get to you before your birthday but hope so I will try & get a cable off also as soon as I can.

Now I'd better end up Sorry theres not much news & hope this will be of some interest, it is really more difficult to write newsy stuff out here than it was in Eng. but try hard to make sense & let you know whats doing so bye for now with all my love & best wishes.

Loving son

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