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Date: August 1941

Sgt Pilot Davey JV.
#1 "Y" Depot
Halifax NS.

Dear Mom, Dad & Art:

Well here I am again folks, and still not much news, nothing different as yet still have parade in morning & afternoon then all finished after same till next morning 8:30 no special time to get in, as long as you're on parade.

Went to Dartsmouth last night, big celebration- Natal day or something, plenty of people and hills, I sure wouldn't like it here in winter time, you'd practically have to wear track spikes to be able to stand up when going up hills with ice on; I believe we will go swimming this afternoon as it is really hot & the Atlantic should be cool enough for us.

I saw Ken Sangster the other day & also Graham Morrison again. Ken I believe is leaving soon, & Graham is in the same barrack block as we are, another thing I don't know whether I told you or not but I met Muriel Malloy a girl who worked at Lawrence Smith & Co & last Burns and Wainwright, she is married to an British Naval Officer also I met Art Dawe, the fellow who won the sweepstakes once, he was with Joseph Clearihue last year- learning law he's been over & back with the navy a Lieut and the last person I met was last nite after I had finished supper at the Hotel Nova Scotian - guess who a friend of Mr Freeman's Miss Catteral or was - the one who was married just awhile back she was with three other women so I didn't have long to chat with her, but she would like to be remembered to Mr Freeman.

Well time for 1:30 parade so will continue, altho there's not much left to say. Back again out on a lovely route march the dirty sons of guns & hot as 'hades' real swell day for a swim.

Enclosed are some of the snaps I took at home - have bought 6 rolls so far to take over, I guess will be able to use them I hope. Now lots of love & bye for now

Loving son

P/S Overseas address I think is,
R74906 Sgt Pilot Davey J.V.
R.C.A.F. Overseas
Base P.O.

P/S contd.
You could check that with the P.O to see if it is OK.
How are you feeling now mom? Still improving I sure hope.

Jack xxxxxxxx

Original Scans

Original Scans