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Date: April 26th 1942

112 Sqdn R.A.F.
Middle East.
April 26/42

Dear Aunt Edie & Uncle Harry.

Received your welcome airgraph of March 23rd today. I'm terribly sorry that you haven't heard since my telegram stating I was here, but can assure you that I have been writing fairly often & also have sent cable grams since so you probably will have received some by now altho it does seem quite some time between my arriving and March 23, some must have gone astray somewhere. Haven't rec'd any of your forwarded mail etc yet, it sure takes a long time for things to get between England & here doesn't it, received an airgraph from Mom & Dad also today, first letter from them to arrive but did have a letter from Con the other day which had been sent out here from England & it was written Dec 4th so danged if I know the whereabouts of the others before that date.

Sorry to hear you both had bad colds but hope they have shifted by now. I still have a slight cold, just doesn't want to go, this weather I guess, hot as blazes during day & pretty chilly at nights.

There's not much to say am getting on okay , haven't run upon any Jerries as yet, just missed a good brawl yesterday apparently, we didn't know it at the time but found out after landing I hope you receive my picture okay it isn't much but thought you might like it, also I'm not sure whether I sent the one you took of me in front of the house if not I'll send it along in a letter. Now folks pardon the shortness of the doings here but that's all so till next time cheers & a hello to the people I met around Byfleet so Bye for now with all my love

Loving nephew

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