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Date: April 7th 1942

(Can) R74906
Sgt Pilot Davey J.V.
112 Squadron. R.A.F.
Middle East

Dear Mom, Dad, & Art,

Hello folks, here I am again on the letter writing, have just returned from a three weeks leave, sure had a good time, played quite a lot of tennis & did some swimming, which was about all to do except shave. This letter writing on my part has been very poor but will be writing every week now, & will keep cableing. I have only received two cables from you & one from Con no letters at all from Canada, but am hoping for some soon also this cigarette business, haven't had any at all out here altho I have written base P.O. about them & keeping fingers crossed there also. Have only had an airgraph from each of them & two letters from another party.

Well hows everything going back home, everybody is In the best of health I presume and all is runing smoothly, but I'm sorry haven't written you a letter yet but will do so, hows it going fellow. I guess you are well ahead in the radio game now, keep it up boy. We are out of the fight for awhile at least another couple of weeks then back to the fun again which doesn't please any of us. Whilst in Cairo I met about four more kids who were at Dauphin, two are bombers & the other two fighters the two Sgt are now Flt Sgts have got there crown up so maybe mine should be thro as apparently they come from Canada. Also guess who else I met Don Gordon, boy what a surprise, he also got his crown. I saw him for one afternoon & evening & the next day he was posted to the Far E. I sure was hoping he'd stay here. He has done okay for himself, a couple of ME109s and a 45 minute swim in the Channel which he said wasn't so hot, well enough of that.

There isn't much more to say as there is nothing to talk about. I think will be going swimming this afternoon in the Med. I hope its warm, ohe by the way, enclosed you will find a photo of me which isn't too bad, there is no folder but I imagine if you want one you should be able to get one somewhere. I am sending some to England and one to Con. I hope you like it (that isn't dirt under my nose either) also a snap taken outside Uncle Harrys'. Now I shall close, sorry I can't think of more to say but will write again next week, hoping I'll have received some of your mail by then so bye for now will all my love J. I had a swell birthday I got Cons' birthday wishes this morn, bye now, with love to all,

Loving son

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