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Date: February 19th 1945

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England.

19 Feb 45

Dear Jean:

Today yours oft eh 10th came along , and one from Dave Carey, you can tell him I was glad to get it, and am pretty busy just now so not to expect an answer too soon. Tell him that a Carey photo of my daughter, and especially of my wife is always a most welcome event in this drear exile. The plotter he and Mickey Trew are working on sounds very much like my old one in principle, and I'll expect full participation in the benefits therefrom, you might tell him that. Have done some work on mine here, but have little time to do it justice. Tell him I can do with one of his "prunings" anytime.

Fred Haggmans death is a great blow. I feel very badly about it. He was more than a friend to me. Am sorry you had not the opportunity to know him better. Guess his old heart just couldn't keep up with his body, which was so powerful, and which he used so strenuously. It is a lesson which I can well take heed of, as I am inclined to be the same way, although not to the same degree. He was the centre of the Haggman universe, and it will go very hard with Kate and the children. They will also have little money put by, and no doubt could do with a bit of help, especially with funeral exps etc. What do you think? I could send $50 direct from here, if you have enough ahead in the bank it would be quicker from there. Will likely be sending you £30 at the end of this month. Fred had the right kind of religion. His was action, and deeds. Poor Kate, she just cant help trying to evangelize,-- too much theory. It is fine that Fred lives on in his children, they are the finest memorial to him. Have written a short letter to Kate.
I gather you are helping Mary to win her battle in just the right way, a way which you are so good at, In some ways our children are mirrors of our own characters, and I think both Mary's parents have a tendancy to concentrate most of their affection and attention on a few very special friends, and to be quite indifferent to others. Am glad the Belgian prince didn't cause undue awkwardness for either Mary or her Ma.
Have asked several people (ladies) about Scotch outwork, but all are not familiar with that appellation. Mrs Norris thinks it is probably "Richelieu work". Anyway my small but select circle of (rather mature) female friends are working on it for you. The shops are hopeless. Tried to get something for Mrs M's birthday but gave up. However, concocted something which pleased her a lot. Cut up some large sheets of rag litho, a special printing paper for maps, which is very good paper, better than you can possibly buy at the stationers. Made quite a nice package, and wrapped it in some of your festive paper, put stickers on etc, and she was thrilled. Says when she writes to you she likes large sheets, likes lots of scope, so no doubt you will see quite a bit of her birthday present from me. Went over there Thursday night for dinner, a special occasion, and it was very pleasant and happy. Her son had sent her a fine chicken from Devon, and others had fussed about her too, (she has many admirers of course) and she was quite happy. She looked happy too, and very becoming, wished you could have been there, that would have pleased her more than anything else. Ecila and I are going to Albert Hall Sat afternoon to hear "Hiawatha". It is only the music, but I've wished to hear it for a long time, will go back to Leatherhead and have supper with them. May stop there and come back Sunday. Can have Alf leave my bike there when he takes the laundry over that way.

The weather has been almost spring, very warm, one or two bright days but mostly cloudy. It is a very dull country. The circuses are blooming in our garden, and I hear a new bird song nearby every day. Thank goodness the long evenings are getting less black in fact one more winter in England is almost behind our backs.

My patience has undergone a severe strain, had expected an important decision from the exalted ones about my future last week, but so far nothing appears to have happened. So typical of the army. Probably the General has been away longer than was expected. In the meantime we have plenty to do, and it is interesting, but if they don't give us a break soon we will be running around catching imaginary butterflies.
You will likely be seeing Bill Hall soon. Hope you will not find him too overwhelming. He is by nature a bit susceptible to the hero worship stuff, but really underneath all the dash and flash, Bill has a very solid core, and is a real friend, almost too loyal, so much so that he is idealizes anybody he likes. When one does that, disappointments, or disillusionments are inevitable, and distressing, since, after all, we are human. You may have to do a bit of sticking up for Bill, in time. Noakes fees are about what I expected. It was worth it. It will be interesting to see what does happen to Berts pl.
Well dear, the end again. Hope comes hand in hand with Spring. And my thoughts of home and YOU are cheered & uplifted.



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