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Date: February 5th 1941

Lieut. G.S. Andrews, R.C.E.

"I" Branch,

H.Q. Canadian Corps -

C.A.S.F. Base P.O. Canada

England - 5th Feb 1941

Dear Jean:

I am late this time with your letter. Have been away again visiting an R.A.F. station, and came back to-day via London getting home just in time for supper at 7:30. Took time in London to see Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator" and had a good laugh. On Sunday I made an extra effort and typed out another family omnibus letter. It isn't so good this time - and most of it you have had already. Unfortunately I was rushed at the last and forgot to include the Haggmans on the list - and thought of asking you to send it to them when you get it - but they might feel a little hurt that they aren't on the original list - so you had better not send it. I'll have to write a special letter to them. Got a nice letter from Mrs. H. as well as a nice little cake.

It is a stormy wintery night out tonight and there just isn't a warm spot anywhere outside of bed. The mess is like a barn - and my billet has no heating - however it might be much worse, and it is good to have January behind - by the end of March we should have Spring.

No mail this last week - but I get a lot of satisfaction rereading your recent letters. Probably you are getting some colder weather too. Have not heard whether you go the mortgage papers - but trust they are there by now. Be sure to let me know if you got the Insurance money from me, £18-0-0.

I finished your Xmas book the other day - Dr Dogbody's Leg - it as thoroughly enjoyed - It made me think of Captain Bowden - It is a first class book - and I intend to send it to you - because it is one I want to have on our book shelf in our home - and if you haven't read it you would enjoy it. Am lending it to the Morrises - I told you what a wonderful old lady Mrs. Morris is and she is just the person to appreciate it - as her memory is so keen - and she knows her history. The book has a lot of interesting historical connections and Hall must have done considerable research gathering his material. Another thing that made it interesting to me was having been stationed down near Portsmouth last Spring & Summer, and having seen Nelson's ship The Victory. Also I read Benjamin Franklins autobiography last spring coming over and there are some interesting references to him.

My new job is still nebulous - and rather indefinite but I am taking advantage of every chance to look around so that if & when something definite does develop - I shall "Be Prepared" according to Baden Powell's boy scout motto. An interesting development loomed up last week - but faded away again - much to my disappointment - however sometimes things must click. I'm almost beginning to regard myself as Hard Luck Harry so many things have loomed up in my direction and failed to materialize that I am getting rather cynical.

When we left London tonight - some of the people were beginning to take up their places in the underground, for the night - My I do feel so sorry for these poor folk and I certainly think they should be compelled to evacuate all children from there (London) - The funny thing is that the Cockney's just don't seem to be able to bring themselves to leaving London - it is their universe - and it would be just the same as if you & I were ordered to send Mary to some other planet! Another thing too - they are tough! The survival of the fittest through so many generations in Londons dust smoke & fog - seems to have immunized them from catching microbes in the foul underground air - Am sure it would kill me in no time!

I'd love to know what Hitler and his inner circle thought of the Great Dictator. I am going to try to see it again.

Well dear - I think I'll jump into bed & get warm! All my love to you & Mary - As ever


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