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Date: October 30th 1941

Oct 30th 1941

Dearest Laurie

Just a note to let you know everything is fine. I wrote a letter to Ethel this afternoon so I haven't anything to do tonight except write letters to my hearts content. I don't feel very much like writing but I'll do my best. As long as it is a letter you'll be glad to get it I guess as I am always pleased to get any kind of cheer.

The mail truck will be here shortly so maybe I'll have some mail and then I'll have something to write about. There was nothing out of the ordinary happened today except Johnny Stroke came back from a course today and he is full Sergeant now. He is one fellow I was sure glad to see get a promotion as it was coming to him for a long time. Our sub section will be back together again the end of the week so we'll be happy in the service. I guess we'll be together now until after we get leave.

I did a little boxing again today. I put the gloves on with Gil Hillman from Gladstone. When you are over to Bur and Doris's ask him if he knows the Hillman's. There is a chum of his in the troop from Gladstone by the name of Smith. I don't know his first name as we just call him Smitty. Hillman is a kind of half assed boxer but he isn't very good. He figures he's pretty good but I took him down a notch. I found out I can still handle my dukes pretty good even though I haven't boxed for years. I am going to keep on doing a little boxing every day from now on until I get back in shape. Hillman was boxing with some of the boys and was a little rough so I gave him a little of his own back. I did get quite a bit of boxing at one time so know all the tricks of the game. I sure surprised Hillman plenty as he found I could hit him anytime I wanted to. I imagine he'll be content to spar around instead of slugging if we put them on tomorrow.

It has been windy again today and a little snow was in the air. The wind has dropped tonight though and it is turning a little warmer out. I was really cold out today and our shack was like a barn. The wind whistled through this place like it was made of paper and it took all the heat the fire gave off with it. The workman were here today doing a little more work on our shack so they should be finished with it by the end of the week. It was almost time they were finished as they have been working on them ever since we came here. We have two heaters now in our barrack room and one in the mess room. We'll sure be glad when we can start eating in our mess hall as it is crowded in our barrack room at the present time because we have to eat at one end.

There was no mail in tonight but they say there is a lots in so here is hoping the missing letters turn up. If there is any mail in I'll be writing to everybody again this weekend. So long for now Sweetheart and be nice to write often.

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses

Your Loving Husband


P.S. I Love You.

P.S. I have lots of writing paper even though I am using this.

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