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Date: October 24th 1942

Oct 24th 1942

Dearest Laurie

There was a lot of mail in yesterday and some more today so I'm really happy in the service. The letters were dated Sept 8th 10th 13th, 18th and 26th so there is still a few to come. I also had a parcel from you dated Sept 20th but it made good time. There is one letter missing no. 32 and two letters at the beginning of Sept. but it might only be No. 27 It will most likely turn up in the next day or so as it takes four or five days for us to get all out mail. I have an air mail letter from Mother dated Sept 29th but it sure made poor time. Some of the boys had air letters dated Sept 20th though so mine made better time than theirs. They must have come ordinary mail as I had an air letter from you dated Oct 10th last Monday.

There was only one egg broken of the five you sent but I haven't cooked them yet. I'll most likely be trying them out tomorrow seeing as it is Sunday. The boys have been teasing me about how much you trust me sending eggs in a parcel. They are liable to give me rheumatism so bad I'll have to get up on my hands and knees to turn over in bed. They are sure a treat but you shouldn't go sending them very often. We are really getting plenty to eat at the present time and there is no need of you to send so much stuff. It was really a lovely parcel and I'll enjoy every bit of it but I sure hate to see you wasting money on me. The tobacco sure hit me at a good time as I was beginning to run short. I didn't think there was any cigarettes or tobacco in today but I should [?] Mon.

This is our last night on nites for a week but I'm sure not sorry to leave. It is going to seem strange to move in where there are lights again but we should be able to write lots of letters. I haven't notices it cold at all sleeping out here but it should be better in a house. We have to wash and shave out in the wide open spaces so it is going to be a treat to wash in the house. The canteen didn't come out here this week so it is going to be nice to be able to have a cup of tea in the morning. We could make some if we wanted to but that is too much work. We haven't any wood and it is too hard to find to make it worth while lighting a fire. We are going to get a stove and some fuel the next time we go out though as it is getting late in the fall so might turn cold any day now. It won't be too bad for writing letters if we get some heat but on cold rainy days it is miserable trying to write.

It got dark last night before I had time to address this letter so I'm adding an extra page today. We are back in our billets again so have a light to write with for a change. We have a hard week ahead of us though if we go according to schedule so will most likely be glad to get back on nites after the week is over. If sleeping out is good for a person we should be in the best of health and really feel good strange as it may seem. You can send me some cod liver oil capsules though if you like as they should do me a lot of good.

I'll have to call this good for now and go get a bite to eat. I did my washing right after supper so it is getting time to eat and go to bed. I still love you more than words can tell Darling and hope to be seeing you soon.

Lots of Love & Kisses



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