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Date: August 5th 1940

c/o Chief Postal Censor,



5 August 1940.

Dearest Jean:

No Canadian mail this past week. The coming week is all the more anticipated. It has been a busy time - since my last letter - quite a bit of travelling about by car - and some pleasure during the evenings. We went into Stratford-on-Avon to see the "Taming of the Shrew" at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. I wished you could have been with me. They have a performance ever night and two matinees during the week till September 15th or about. The theatre is not large, but very well built designed and appointed. All the seats are good seats regardless of price. Should like to have seen several of the other plays - but we don't' get much time. We attended a dance at the same place on Friday night - it was a mad crush and I should much rather have stayed home. Then we were invited to a small 'evening at home' in a nearby village which was nice - and to a cocktail party in one of the nearby manors - I enjoyed the last most - some very charming people - one lady from Vancouver a [?] there her husband is a prisoner of war - she has two small kiddies here. She was very interested in hearing about you & Mary -

Last night I drove down to Oxford and spent the evening with Col. Lloyd at his home, an He has a beautiful place on the top of a hill outside of Oxford - and we sat out in his garden on grass like velvet ate ice cream, (home made), sipped sherry, smoked cigarettes and Dixie Plug - and talked - air survey, the war, his experience in France, Mary and Larry Bonnycastle whom Col. Lloyd met skiing in Switzerland several years ago - His wife is charming - and he has two swell children - a daughter 4 & a son about 1 ½. Col. Lloyd was most interested in my being in this country and is going to make efforts to get me in contact with the people who are doing my kind of work in air survey. He thought a lot of Mary and her husband - He & Mrs. L were also very interested in learning of the safe & happy arrival of Mary Elizabeth - as you remember we were expecting when he was in Victoria.

I can also give you some more news about my case. It looks as though my transfer is going through alright - my case got right to the General (McNaughton) and he has given it his blessing and I think it will be effective from 10th duly when it is finally cleared. The O.C. of this visit is a grand fellow and he has a lot of influence with the General. So probably before many weeks I think you should get the good news. This should help you with your financing.

Well dear - your birthday will just about coincide with this letters arrival in Victoria - I wish I could be with you to give you my love & wishes on that day. Perhaps on your next one we may celebrate together. The enclosed is the only way I can think of sending you a gift - it just clears up a swell balance I had with the Bank of Commerce - and you must spend this on yourself - get something you want - something silly or anything you fancy. A letter from Mrs. Haggman came not long after your last - and one from Marg. Evidently Lockley is expecting to join the Air Force.

I saw some lovely scenery the other day - and another reason for you to come & see it with me - some little villages tucked away in the folds of the Cotswold Hills - they have remained unchanged & undisturbed for centuries - you would love them.

We expect to be moving again soon, to another part of the country, and we are sorry that we could not have stayed here just a little longer - both the country & its folk have been most kind to us -
Well dear - more next week - all my love to you & our little Mary -

As ever


P.S. got some more work done on my teeth - one bad wisdom taken out and another filled - so my mouth is in pretty good shape now.

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