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Date: August 3rd 1941

No. 74

Lieut GS Andrews, RCE

Survey Directorate,

H.Q. Cdn Corps,

Cdn Army O/S

3 Aug 1941.

Dear Jean:

Here it is Sunday again. Time does fly. No mail from Canada last week, but there should be some in during the next few days, because reports have it that a large convoy has arrived, bringing many troops and other things, and I hope a letter from my wife.

It has been a fairly busy week, two days out, and managed to take Axel Kinnear with me for those two trips, because I thought it would interest him, and I think he was getting a little fed up. We all have our spells of that I guess, but it must be much worse for some of the lads who have much ability and are not perhaps using it to full throttle, and in the ranks it must be that much worse than as an officer. I also was down to a detachment of the RCA survey regiment, and saw Lorne, first time for several months. He is looking very fit, did not have much of a chance for a real exchange of notes, but he expects to be back in this neighborhood for a while, so perhaps we can do a bit of visiting.

I also got finished giving a series of lectures to some classes of officers. Among the last group was young George Burbidge, whose father is a partner of my uncles in Winnipeg. He is a nice young chap, and seemed interested in my little talk. Also met another young fellow from Vancouver, his father is a professional acquaintance of mine, but I certainly was not well impressed with the son. I suppose there has to be a certain number of due in any group of men or boys.

Rothery was up today too, and stayed for tea, so I didn't get at my letter writing earlier, as planned. He is a good friend, and I fear they are going to move him away somewhere, which will be my loss.

Another friend of mine, Vic Bowers, is leaving for another job too, so that's the way it goes in the army. He was a telegrapher on the CNR east of Winnipeg, a batchelor, and a real backwoodsman, and therefore a real gentleman. His fiancée lives in Vancouver, so we may see him some day after we all get home. There are some vague reports that my friend Charlie Soubar is safely back in Canada, but after spending some days in an open boat, which would suggest that he must have had some excitement, but alls well that ends well. Your other 1 letter of the 30th June, turned up finally, with Uncle Ashtons letter in it. His remarks about the McNaughton family are interesting, and someday if a propitious occasion offers, I will mention it to the General. I certainly hope Uncle will manage a visit to Victoria, to see you and Mary. He is one of the finest men I ever knew.

The weather was a bit warmer today, and really got enjoyable later in the afternoon. Went for a long walk, had supper at my old mess at Tunbar, and walked home. Its bed time now, but I want to get this off in the early morning mail. Hammond, Bowers and I are planning to take the Morris family out to dinner this week. They have been so good to us three, and I think the old Lady is quite pleased that we want her to come. We will make the reservations early, and order up something special for Mrs M, who is on rather a rigid diet. Mrs M has sent you a book about the battle of Britain, they always show such an interest in you and Mary, and really they consider you as much a friend as they do me.

I haven't got your birthday present yet, have had absolutely no time to go shopping, but hope to get part of a day anyway in town this week, and perhaps can find something. This should reach you just about right, and many happy returns my dear. I hope that before the next one comes around, we will be together.

I have made arrangements, a couple of days ago for another special remittance of £30 to go forward to you, it should reach you about the middle of September. It may be a little longer interval before I can send another one, because I have to buy a new winter coat, with this month's pay, when I get it, and also expect to have a leave sometime in September, which I will have to keep a little by for. When you get the money I have just sent, get some things for yourself, you will no doubt be needing some new clothes too, and I want you to feel that you look smart, even though I am not there to enjoy the good looks of my frau.
I haven't written to my Andrews relatives for months, must try to get a family letter off soon. Haven't heard from Jack Andrews of Abbotsford either for a long time, think he has given me up as a bad job. He probably has made some good chums and doesn't feel so lonely as at first. There are a lot of new fellows over, I am beginning to feel almost a veteran.

Well dear, big hugs and kisses to both of you,

All my love -

as ever


[sketch of an airplane]

Poppy had a ride in a big Blenheim bomber the other day - something like this!

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