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Date: April 18th 1944

18 April 44

Dear Jean:

Your letter did not get written last night, due to the work which is going much better now, altho it never seems to go fast enough. I think my boys are convinced that I am a mad man, and a hard driver. Most of them don't really need much prodding, and all seem to be interested in the work. One or two are young, and really don't know what hard work is, or hardship. Capt Luscombe took a group picture the other day, and will send it along by surface mail. Have arranged to get some enlargements done, but that may take a bit of time. I am really very proud of these chaps, they are all different, come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and from all over the Dominion. After the war, perhaps some of them may find their way out to Victoria, and be able to meet you and Mary.

The lemon powder came, the friction top had burst open, and about a third of the contents had sifted into the excelsior packaging, however, it was clean so we sifted it out through a fine fly-netting I got for the tropics, and practically all of it was recovered. Will take some down to Haywards, and will keep a little for tea. It is very nice in tea, instead of milk, and it is probably good for one. Today your letter of the 9th came, with the parcel of Klim, cookies, shortbread. Your cookies are incomparably better than "store" cookies. The Klim is most acceptable, it makes such a difference to a cup of coffee. You asked me for the name of a chap who doesn't get many parcels, I think most of my boys do pretty well, just now at any rate.

As Bill Hall is staying here, I'll have to send Mily by air, I had given it to him when he was expecting to be off, but now will have to get it back. He has been in town for the last few days, doing a job of work, instructing or something, not very clear just what, and later on expects to have a foot fitted. I plan to go up to town tomorrow, and have arranged to have lunch with him. He says he has some important things to discuss with me. I've been tied down lately by the work, and only go anywhere when it is really necessary.

Am glad the London book reached Frank. Haven't had time to nose around for more books. Hope the two parcels I sent some time ago to you arrive safely.

Had a note from Axel too, he is in town for a while, so may see him tomorrow too. Dick Farrow phoned this am, enquiring for Bill's whereabouts.

I hope by this time Mary's flu is gone, and will be anxiously waiting for your next letter with more news of her. her letters arrived too, we will look into the boat business, am pretty sure we can arrange to make something which will fill the bill. Tell her to decide on how big she wants it, whether it should be a fat boat or a thin one, and what colors it is to have. Would love to hear her sing her songs. I guess its alright for her to go to Sunday school, for the social benefit, although I dont like the idea of persons unknown teaching my child her first rudiments of religion. It is one of the most important things in life, and yet most people seem to be content for any old tom dick or harry, some bigoted old maid, or some sentimental young girl or moron to minister to the child's needs. I consider it very much like medical treatment, nothing but the best is good enough, and I'm rather particular what is taught to her. There is a lot of rubbish which the church still traffics in, evidently at a profit, which is both foolish and untrue. However, Mary will have to face life, which includes a lot of the above, and probably it is just as well to let her be exposed to it, and at the same time to give some thought to guiding her in the main fundamentals at home. Furthermore a child should know the bible stories, how I wish I could be home to enjoy Mary's unfolding personality, and to help give her the right steer on some of the ways of life, not that I don't think her Ma cant make a good job of it, but no doubt it wouldn't hurt to have her Pa's ideas put before her once in a while.

Think you are wise to get the tings done to the house. Wish I could do some of the painting. Would save a bit of money, and be some relaxation.

Supper at Morris's Sunday, was a dull day, worked till 330 pm, then decided I must have some air, so biked over, takes a good hour each way. Had a hot bath and a good sleep after getting home. Today was lovely, and the sun gets stronger, although we haven't seen much of it for a couple of weeks.

Love to you both,


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