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Date: April 6th 1941

Lieut. G.S. Andrews. R.C.E.

"I" Branch.

H.Q. Canadian Corps.

C.A.S.F., Base P.O., Canada

6th April 1941

Dear Jean:

Your letter of 2nd March arrived on Friday - and your parcel full of good things and the 600 cigs. arrived on Monday - First of all - it was so good to have the letter - and I'm delighted to have the small passport snap of you - I really like this one best of all - you must be an extraordinarily beautiful woman to look so well in a passport photo. But really it is swell - I think as I look at it that it is you.
Having to get a Canadian passport for your trip to California makes it look as tho you're a full fledged Canadian hope it wont make it too awkward for you down there. What about Mary - does she need a passport too? I suppose by the time this reaches you, you will be down there, although as you didn't say definitely when you are going, or how long you intend to stay, I will send this to Victoria.

The parcel was a real thrill - the nuts were lovely and crisp - just as though they had come out of an oven - and they are being enjoyed by the Morris's, myself, & any of my friends who happen to come to the billet. The grape fruit juice was a real treat too. I just thought how you were thinking that I would like some. It is really too heavy though to send - costs you a lot in postage and rather expensive of shipping [?]. I feel rather guilty when I think that the sailors and merchant seamen risk their lives to bring every ounce of stuff to us from across the Atlantic. Concentrated things like powdered coffee, powdered milk, chocolate, tobacco, nuts, etc are more justified. Ok - everybody was thrilled with the candied pear - it was a novelty and delicious.

Oranges are practically off the market - and the crystallized peel just had that nice orangy flavor that everyone seems to crave.

Miss Morris has a couple of little dresses she though Mary could use - and am sending them along - I told her you would love to have them.
I got some extra back pay the other day - so am going to send you a special remittance of £30-0-0 through the army paymaster. You will no doubt need a little extra money when you get back from California. In case it arrives when you are away I had better send it c/o Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia, Victoria - so you had better check it up at the bank when you return from the South. I got an increase in pay - but am still not sure how long it is going to last, or if it is permanent.

One never knows in the army when they may shove you onto a new job which due to some obscure regulation #X1125X4L213 carries less pay than the job you just left. However, I think it will be safe to increase my "assigned" pay to you from $75.00 to $100.00 per month. I'll attend to that as soon as I have time to get down to see the Army Paymaster.
Have been very busy - day & night - and some of the effort may eventually bear fruit. Am stealing a minute of office time to put this off - so will cut it short. Hope you will have a really happy & worth while visit with the folks in California - and give them all my regards. When you come back, no doubt you will be moving into the house - and its going to be at thrill to be able to address your letters to our very own home! Do you think you can afford to keep Pelgia with the extra 25.00 per month?

Heeps of love to you & Mary!



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