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Date: April 3rd 1945

30 Cdn AIr Survey Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army Overseas.

3 Apr 45

Dear Jean

Yours of the 17th came last Thursday, but that of the 24 came yesterday as tho to make amends. Both very interesting letters, and a relief to know from the latter that you have got to the bottom of Mary's trouble.
A glad you are having a visit from the Fifes. I knew you liked Alice, and know also her opinion of you, the very best. Their mother, old aunt Jessie (nee Fletcher) was a wonderful old lady, sister of fathers mother. I never knew her very well, but NOra did, and was a great admirer. I always respect Noras opinions, I guess Ashton must be getting on, Never thought him very interesting, but that is likely because I didn't know him well enough.

I will make a note of the Wedgewood pattern you like, and may be able to see a sample of it. Don't foreget to thank Mrs Morris for her £5 contribution toward your chinea, will include it in mu next which may not be for some time, till I know which way the wind is blowing with respect to my movements.

You mistnt be too critical of Bill for forgetting to call [?] the material. Actually it would be much the best to send it to me, and put a ntoe with it as how you want it disposed, relative to Morn[?] and Haywards, and if I should be away, will leave instructions with Harry to open anyparcels, and he can see that things go to their proper recipients. I told Morries that there might be a bit of delay now that Bill has started out without the things. It is really not fair to expect travelers to take things, and for myself, I simply tell people as nicely as I can that I havent got room for a thing. Bill makes the mistake of agreeing to take everything, get everything, etc that people want, and then he finds too late that he simply cant do it.

I thought Marys picture on your letter of the 17th was very good. Did she get my little book on horses? Her Easter card is good too, I take the pipe smoking subject as a subtle compliment. Am so glad you know what her trouble has been, and can now get the proper remedy under way. To get the adnoids out is a good move too. They often have to be removed a second time before they grow up. I think adnoids are a dulling influenc on many children, and no doubt are a ripe nursery for a hoste of nasty germs of all kinds. Its funny, I remember my cousin, Bob Stevens, when a small boy, used to cry whenever a loud whistle blew close enough to make a strong vibration. No doubt his ears were in some way congested just like Mary's. We used to think he was rather a baby, but now he is a fine big man, and a very charming personality.

Glad your party for Bill was a success. I doubted if you would see much more of him than you did. As you say, I think this war, and its effects on him will make him more restless than ever. Wish he could find a real special wife, like mine, it would make all the difference to him, and bill is really good stuff at the core, he just need someone who is smart enough, likes him enough, and whom he thinks enough of, to manage him.

Easter came on me kind of as a surprise. However am so busy that it didn't make much of a difference. The weather was foul, but I got one good day in at Morrises cleaning up the last of the tree, and it is all now in order, split, and piled. They now have a good supply of wood of all kinds ofor next winter, and with a little coal, it should see them through.

Mrs M let me read your letter of about 21 Feb, it is certainly a fine letter, and I thought as I read it, what a thoughtful and intelligent wife I have. Of course Mrs N is just the sort of person to appreciate them too.

As you may surmise, I am still waiting for further developments concerning my possible moves. Am going into town tomorrow or Thursday, to see whats cookin. Have several jobs to attend to there. Today I was up to have another session with the Williamson Bros on my plotter. They have had it for a couple of weeks, and I was wondering, however Colin W phoned today, evidently had written, so I made a quick trip.

They are evidently going ahead, and will give it a try. Since they have taken it over, quite a few people have seen it, and have expressed interest in it. I note that they are quite ready to accept my judgement on several features which are open to two or more solutions.

Of course, now that the holiday is over, the weather has improved. Today was quite nice. It was a nice trip up to Reading, when the sun is shining, there are few places lovelier than England, and in the spring, it is really something. I don't suppose you have had an opportunity to enquire into possibilities for a trip over here during the summer. You already have invitations to Morrises and Haywards. Havent had time to do any investigating here yet, but if and when I get a definite hint as to my own programme, will make a point of finding out as much as possible.

The news continues good, but think our troops will be a while yet before they have the Germans completely tied up.



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