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Date: April 3rd 1943

No 160 Major GS Andrews, [?]

Surrey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

4 Apr 43

Dear Jean:

If I remember correctly, it was three years ago today that your old man had to leave you and Mary on the dock in Victoria. It is a long time for you to have been without your husband, and for Mary to have had no Poppy to [?]. Next Fall we will have been five years married. Our percentage isn't very good at that rate is it. I wonder if you have ever thought it might have been better the other way. For my part there is no doubt whatever. As regards the long separation, we have been victims of circumstance, like millions of others but I should never have made any other choice. When I think of all the blessings that have been bestowed on my humble self, that of my wife and little girl is the greatest of all. Well, I better not say any more on this point or you will be thinking I have a confession to make. Your airgraph of 21 Mar arrived on the 2nd and the two envelopes of photos came too. I am thrilled with the snaps, they are the best yet, and the one of you and Mary together is perfect. The one of M peaking around the mantle is a prize too. They took some snaps up at Morris's recently, and I have the prints which will go forward tomorrow. Also a couple of me taken by Capt. Luscombe during some [?] maneuvers. Although this war has kept us apart all this time, in some ways it has made me feel 5 to 10 years younger. Maybe I was getting into a rut in our Victoria set up, I man the gov't. I hope Bert Smythe will look me up. I [?] Jack Benton and his pilet down here Friday, they were on leave. Jack is in good shape and keen on his work and likes his pilet. Glad you approved my "Proposals". It will be interesting to see what others think. It is fine to know that you are behind me in this sort of thing. It may mean some lean years, if things don't break just right, but then we will be together, and that is the most important thing of all. That is one thing we know. It has been almost like summer here the last few days. I have been busier than ever, but we are making progress on some important things. Manage to get up to Morris's for three or four hours during the week and have their wood pile in pretty good shape now. Sometimes I think they are going to need it all next winter. In a recent letter, I gave you a hint about a possible trip, well am afraid it is just another idea. There have been several but I have not mentioned any before. Had a letter from uncle Ashton in Medicine Hat, he is a grand old man. Am sorry you have never been able to see him. Have been too busy so thank the Haywards for the wonderful visit with them, but will get a letter off this week. Mrs Morris is getting a great kick out of my books on Columbus and Sir John Frobisher. I let her have them till I finish another book on Alaska. Its pretty certain we wont loose the war now, but I wonder how long it will take us to win it.



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