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Date: September 8th 1917

Sept 8th 1917

Dear Marion,

I have been going to write to you for a long time but I have not as much time as you have, but I have been thinking about you all the time and as this is Saturday I just know what you are doing I bet the whole lot of you stayed in bed until eleven o'clock and carried your breakfast up stairs to bed I bet if I was back I would pull you out By this time you will be back to school again and I bet mother is not sorry to get rid of you noisy bunch around the house I hear that you were away staying with Dolly and having a fine time well don't [?] Scott to often I suppose by this time you have got to be a great dancer and can three step and two step and waltz and all the rest of it I wonder how many new dresses you have spoiled this summer picking berries. I have only had one letter from Flossie since I left home I bet she has got a nice boy now and has not time to write. I got a great big parcel to day with a big box of biscuits in it and a box of choclate creams and a tin of pears and a jar of lemon butter and some tobbacco and lots of things am I not lucky and don't you wish you could have some but I know that you will have eaten that many ice cream cones this summer that you would not be able to hold any more well so long just now dear here are a bunch of kisses for you and you know who to get to give them to you



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Original Scans