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Date: July 16th 1917

Some-where-in France
July 16, 1917

Dear Marion

I am writing this from a little village that has been knocked all to pieces by the Germans the boys are taking a rest now and all is quiet only for a gun now and then and Fritz taking a shot at our balloons and at night there is quite a noise Yesterday was the day of all days we got a bath and our mail I was the lucky lad I had 23 letters and p.c. and 5 parcels one from your mother with the plug tobacco and chewing gum now Mac and I will have some great smokes I wish it had come a month ago as I have not had a good smoke since my plug ran out Then I got a little box from Maggie Ferguson with two cakes and chocolates and one from the Gaelic Society with two pairs of socks and a clean shirt and towel nearly everyone is lousy here but up till now I have kept clear Then I got two parcels from Mrs [?] a box of shortbread a box of biscuits a box of candy a tin of tobacco a tin of milk and one of coaco Mac and I and the boys are having a great feed now but everything coming together you have to get rid of them as we have no place to put them I was glad to get your letter write as often as you can as it is the great event to get letters here you should see the boys crowd around when the mail is given out I have not had a letter from Flossie [?] and not one from Victoria and a lady was to write from Vancouver but I have not got that yet I think some of the mail is lost your mother said she sent a book but it has not arrived yet Tell her not to send any more tobbacco yet as I have enough for 5 or 6 weeks. I am sorry that the glass in the pendant was broken I told the girl that I thought it would break, but she was sure it would not I hope you can get another one. You bet the joke was on you when there was no show but you can go to lots more I am sorry that Smokey got lost the house will not look the same without him But I am sure Rags will turn up again I had to laugh at your tea pot that was not a tea pot I think you are very lucky and mother to, to be getting new dresses all the time. I hope that you got the silk post cards and the silk handkerchiefs let me know if you did this is another day and it is half past seven at night and I have not had a minute to my self and now I am waiting for my pay and I shall be an hour yet and then I will have to clean my equipment and rifle and then it will be bedtime we are having a rest but if this is a rest I do not want to work some difference to Mexico when you --- in short sleeves but maybe some day it will be all over and I will come upstairs and tell you all fairy stories again Well I had to quit again so I will try and write more as soon as I can lots of love to all



For everybody

I am sending back Bobs photo as I have no place to put it

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Original Scans