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Date: January 29th 1918

Jan 29th 1918

Dear Marion

It is quite a little time since I have written to but I have been busy and sometimes I do not get the chance to write and sometimes I do not feel like writing so you must take the letters as they come. I have not had a letter from you for some time except the one that had been delayed, dated Nov 22nd two months on the way. Well I suppose by the time you receive this it will be nearly spring at home and you will be looking forward to the good weather and new dresses and all sorts of good things. We are having a whole lot better weather than we expected and we like it better than the cold we have been having I used to wish I could pop in and sit by the heater for a while I bet you would not be short of wood. I had a long letter form Miss Storm this week I suppose you hear from her once in a while. If I knew what Len Holdsworth was in I believe I might see him as I often see the trains when I am in different places so send his number along I wrote to Bobbie yesterday, I am glad to hear he is in the band now. I am waiting to hear if you got the necklaces for xmas and all about what you did if you had a tree and a party and all kinds of things I hoped there would be a mail from Canada to night but it did not come I am forgotten how to tell fairy stories these days because I do not get any practise but I will have to write to Pearl and Dorothy ¬¬when I get time. I do not know if I told you that I got a box of apples from the Hudson Bay and they tasted good after the stuff we got here When we were out on rest the French girls used to sell some small apples with not much taste for a penny each so the BC apples went down good. Well Marion I have not much news to tell so I had better close Write as often as you can Remember me to Father Mother and Dorothy and Pearl lots of love



A . E. Tait

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