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Date: January 1st 1917

Jan 1st, 1917

Dear Marion
I received your letter last night but as it was dark I could not read the scribble by candle light and I am not very sure where I made it all out by daylight, but however I was glad to hear from you. This is the first day of the new year and I know that you will have just gone to bed and I bet you had a great time I wish I was there as it is awful cold in the trenches we nearly froze stiff I had two days in the dressing station [?] out but I am nearly all right again we are out for a few days for the new year we had a great feed of turkey last night a big tent was piched pitched on the snow and we had a fine time then we went to the show The Boys got up a pantomime called a [?] in France and there was ladies and fairies all acted out by the soldiers it was fine we could hear the guns booming away outside but we forgot all about them I got the Xmas cards when I was in the line and I was glad to know that you had not forgot me Wouldn't it be great if all the boys could get home again and we could have the same good times we used to have Well Marion I must close now with best love and kisses Remember me to Father and Mother and Dorothy and Pearl



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