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Date: November 28th 1915

November 28, 1915
General Hospital Etaples, B.G.T.

My dear Sister.

Your letter of the 19th [?] to hand last night. the first since I left my regiment. I understand you're out in Glasgow and unaware of what happened to me. Anyway I do hope you had a good time, short as it was, as I could guess from you letter you've been looking forward to.

I have been writing you twice a week since I was hit and I suppose the old man has readressed some of the letter. Theres no telling when I'll be able to get my leave now. but I'll soon be back to the old 7th and I'll find out. I doubt if I'll go as far as Glasgow now seeing you save come out will be far too much trouble for you to come a second time [?] being expensive nowadays.

You never said in your letter how long you expected to stop in Glasgow anyway I think I'll adress this note to Kirkland Street as I can judge you'll stop with your old friend [?] Connally a couple of weeks at least.

I have'nt heard from home or anywhere else for ages and I'm getting to worry about Alick. I've seen in the papers that his Commanding officer ([?][?]) has been invalided home from the Dardanelles. I trust he has'nt been in action yet, although its very lickly he has.

Now Marie as I think I've said about enough I'll wind up trusting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Your affec. Brother
Ewen Nicholson.
Ward B.11.23.00 General Hospital
Etaples B.G.T.