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Date: November 16th 1915

November 16, 1915.

My dear sister.

I do hope you're not worrying your heads much about me, I think I made it as plain as I could to you that my wounds were'nt dangerous, and that I expect to be back to my regiment soon. I am now in a very comfortable hospital and I suppose I'll be at some base hospital tomorrow. I've not had a letter since I left the line and I'm getting to feel kind of anxious about you all and especially about Alick. Have you heard from him since?

I hope you're not waiting for him to answer your first letter. Anyway I have sent him a couple of letters and fully a dozen field P.C.s but never had an answer to any. But all the same I always drop him a card when I can get time. I hav'nt wrote John for a long time although he always used to write me, but I'll soon drop him a card.

Well Marie goodness knows more when I'll get my leave, and I'm so sorry if you'll come to Glasgow and I cant get away. I am quite sure I wont as you to meet me in Glasgow if you've had your holidays, and again I must not ask you to wait for me as I kept you waiting far too long already.

I'll write you a note soon again with my best regards to you all

Your devoted Brother