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Date: May 21st 1915

May 21 1915.

My dear Sister.

I received your letter a few days ago, also Andrew's I wrote you a field P.c. the other day I generally send one to somebody at home every couple of days. I am enjoying active service life O.K. its hard on a fellows nerves the first week or so, but afterwards a fellow gets quite used to it.

We had a stiring time of it the first week I was out. Our Batt/l*lost heavly and we were sent right into the firing line the night we arrived. We are going in soon again. I'll write you as soon as I come out, and if I get half a chance Ill send a P.C. as often as I can.

We came across the 4th Camerons the other day I tried to find James McGregor but it was impossible nobody seemed to know him. We were quite close to the 1st Cans's but I couldent get to see any of them I got a letter from D.C. some days ago He seems to have lost his chums McKeggean and WTMcKenzie I lost mine before we reached the firing line he was killed by a peice of a shell.

I think I told you before I met Donald John McDonald Nunton and Malcolm McDonald Crossmorag I see them every day. Donald J. sent you a P.C. some time ago, and asked me to be remembered to you. He writes Effie sometimes yet, and I believe he's still after all, got a liking for her. I suppose Alick will be away by now and I'm sure you'll be all missing him. I expect John will soon be home again on his summer holidays. I hope the war will soon be over and we'll all have a good time together before we break up.

I made inquires about D McLean I the 16th Batt/ and I believe he got wounded if he didn't turn up since a week ago.

Now Marie as I have no more news and cant say anything worth while about the operations I might as well draw this scribbled letter to a close, trusting you are all well as it leaves me the same. Give my best regards to each and all the folk about. Be sure an drop me a note as often as you can. Ive been out now a month and I only got one letter from you and one from Andrew.

With kindest regards from Yours Affec Brother

Ewen. 7th Batt M.G.S.