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Date: May 31st 1916

Post Office
Grimsay Lochmaddy
May 31, 1916.

My dear brother

Your "Listening post" arrived last night brimful of jokes as usual. We are all glad to understand that you are still alive & well. We got news of Alick from Peters & Donald Ewen's letters. It will be his own turn to write next week. They are all well too but complaining of the heat.

Its pouring here today but it takes out the grass and everything beautifully. They are all finished with the work now for another season and God grant that the war will be over before it's begun next spring. We shall soon be into the middle of Summer now and getting nearer John's time, but we only dead his holidays this time for it only hastens the day when he will follow the rest, however, they are all into it now whether they like or not and really it cant be very pleasant for those who have to go against their will.

Effie Chursie and her family of four are coming home to Balaglass tomorrow, her husband is in the Royal Scouts, so pity poor John between the whole show. I understand that she means to stay for a while for she has given up her house in Edinburgh. Her neighbour Philip is looking out for squalls already.

Do you ever hear from Archie Alick? He was lamenting in his last letter that he never managed to get any news about you since you were shifted you time. They will be out for a few weeks rest now at least they expected to anyway.

Father is going about his usual. Mother is busy in the house and Andrew is out a rabbits a dish we're getting rather tired of. He gets them over in the Ellan More and in Ellan John McDougall, the other night he came home with four wee ones just the size of a good rat & mind you he was quite proud of his catch.

Oh dear what interesting news but you know there's really nothing doing worth mentioning. I just dropped you a P.C. on Tuesday, father made up his mind to get the bag up on Monday night, so that left me no time for anything but the accounts.

Now dear I better say ping pong. Hope this note will find you well also the other Uist boys. Much love from all.

Your affect Sis