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Date: March 3rd 1913

Camp No 11
Big River Sask.
March 3 1913

My dear Sister

I got your very nice and most welcomed letter to night, and I just thought of dropping you this note to let you know that I am well hoping this will find you the same. I sent you a P.C. last week a view of Prince Albert. Sask.

I am very sorry to hear about Archie Stewart. Niel Macaskill and Kate Alister. Its very seldom I hear anything about consumption in this Country is there any chances for Niel and Archie.

Well the coldest part of the winter is over now, but it will be cold enough till April, the winter here is longer than in the old Country it was a cold as 75 degrees below zero that's pretty cold mind you.

You seem to have had a pretty dull winter with out weddings or parties. I could get lots of dances up here but I never cared to go I am a good fellow this winter you see.

I had a letter from D.A. a few days ago what were you saying about me? Of course when there was no work going on in Clavet there was no use of staying there and pay 36/-- a week for board [?] I did what all the other fellows round there did. The forest work is the only work here in winter of course there is all kinds of other works in summer, and, this work only lasts for the winter D.A. has nothing to do in the winter but gets paid all the same.

What about Peter Morrison I wrote him last week is he at home yet? Where is Murdo MacLeod I thought he was coming to Canada? If he is wise he will. This is the only place for young men to make money and to see something.

Well my dear sister you must excuse this short note as I am in a hurry to night

With love to you all and all that asks for me

Your devoted Brother
Ewen Nicholson

The doctor was up in Camp yesterday and vaccinated every soul over 1000 men. There is a few cases of small pox in Big River but we don't expect it will come up this far Ewen