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Date: July 4th 1912

Clavet, Sask
July 4th 1912

My dear Sister

Just a few lines in a hurry to let you know that I am well. Hoping you are enjoying good health. I haven't yet heard from home but I hope every thing is all right. I wrote you some time ago [?] Mrs MacLeod, you got it all right I suppose. I got work here a week after my arrival but on Monday the 24th June I could not get up, so I had to stay in bed. D.A. sent for the Doctor but he did not come till Friday. And he said I the measles. I was feeling a little better on Friday morning so I got up. I met the doctor in the Lumber yard its only three hundred yards from here. my dear Sister you can imagine what kind of attendance I would have [?] the days I was in bed perhaps it would be four oclock in the after noon when they would ask me what was I going to have. If I wanted a drink I just had to drink the cold water The measles came thorugh me on Thursday I got up on Friday and was walking about though feeling very week I am now getting a good deal stronger nearly as strong as I was before. I hope to be back to work on Monday. I and D.A. was down in Dunbar the First Sunday after I came. They seem to be very well off. But Peggy is not contended She says she's going across this summer. But I tell you they are very well situtated. I will be anseious to hear from you soon and how are you getting on closing with Love to all

Your devoted Brother
Ewen Nicholson